bucket list

I thought I’d write a (probably eventually very hefty) list of all the things I dream of doing and achieving in my life, just to give me that little bit of motivation to go for it and tick that bad boy off! I’ll always be updating this when I get inspired to add something else.

{For my travel page, including my checklist of the places I’ve explored and yet to explore, head here!}

My Bucket List:

  •  Go on a road trip to some new destination with a bunch of friends
  • Become a Body Attack instructor
  • Go to New York with my Mum & Grandma
  • Heal my stress fracture & get running again
  • Run a half-marathon
  • Meet an incredible guy who is also my best friend, makes me laugh & can be completely myself around
  • Adopt a puppy
  • Write on behalf of an organisation or something similar that I love
  • Learn to speak a new language
  • Move out of home
  • Try a boxing class
  • Eat a whole jar of Peanut Butter in one weekend
  • Nike She Runs the Night 13km run
  • Move to Sydney
  • See the Northern Lights in Alaska
  • Do a month of volunteer work in a developing country
  • Visit all seven continents
  • Get my first journalism internship
  • Finish uni
  • Get my first aid certificate
  • Learn to focus on the positives in every situation
  • Get something published in a magazine
  • Start my own blog
  • Learn to make the most of every moment & live in the now
  • Give yoga a go
  • Get a little, meaningful tattoo (maybe ankle, shoulder or side)
  • Sleep under the stars- in just a sleeping bag!
  • Go camping
  • Go on safari 
  • Kick my caffeine addiction (ha, not likely! would marry coffee if I could)
  • Go backpacking in South America
  • Learn to surf
  • Watch the sun rise & set on the same day
  • See a solar eclipse
  • Visit a real castle
  • Get a completely different look- hair cut & colour!
  • Try pole-dancing (for curiosity’s sake, don’t judge!)
  • Pack a bag, load up the boot & set out on a trip completely unplanned with someone I love
  • Talk all night with a great friend about everything & anything
  • Go on an overseas trip with a partner or a friend
  • Become a qualified personal trainer
  • Go skiing somewhere amazing, like Aspen
  • Experience a White Christmas (in either the UK or Europe)
  • Meet Lorna Jane
  • Work at Lorna Jane
  • Go to a music festival (think Splendour in the Grass or Big Day Out)
  • Go back to the UK & re-connect with my background- maybe visit my Dad & Grandma
  • Move into my very own place: by myself or with someone else
  • Re-watch all the Disney movies from my childhood
  • Get the HSC marks I need to get into the course I want at uni
  • Stay out on the town until the sun rises
  • Splurge on an incredibly expensive dress or pair of heels (I’m not talking $150 here… although I’d basically be living in the kerb if I paid that much right now!)


3 responses to “bucket list

  1. congrats Kloe! you can cross off item 21 !!!! I love the picture of you and your boyfriend…he”s soooo cute!!!

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