A Slice of NYC in Surry Hills & ALL The Birthday Celebrations.

Hi all,

Holy wow, this has literally been the busiest week quite possibly ever, so far. But the good kind of busy, doing things that are actually enjoyable – all play, no work. 🙂 I could get used to this.

On Tuesday night, I had dinner with Tom and his family at The Malaya in Darling Harbour, which was this fantastic, modern Malaysian restaurant (biggest shock of 2014, because the name reveals nothing at all, obvs). I’ve never really had Malaysian food, so that paired with some good ol’ cider and wine makes for a pretty good night. Oh, and late night games of ’20 questions’ and ‘charades’ on the train home were the whipped cream on top. And the cherry? Watching ‘Hamish & Andy’ with apple pie and ice-cream in hand. I then proceeded to shower Tom in the birthday pressies I got him. Good times all round.

We were treated with the most incredible view of Darling Harbour. On point, Sydney. On point.



There’s a brand new New York-style bar in Surry Hills called Brooklyn Social, bringing a little slice of the Big Apple to Sydney. Naturally, Ally – who’s just returned from exploring the concrete jungle – suggested it, and we headed there for dinner and drinks on Wednesday night with our partners (I’d say double date, but I’m a mature adult and certainly not 12 anymore. But it’s tempting).

It had a very similar feel to The Soda Factory (also coincidently in Surry Hills), with the dim, moody lighting and endearing decor, instantly transporting you to another time and place. However, Brooklyn Social is a 1970s gin bar, saturated with rock ‘n’ roll influences. Everywhere you turn, vinyls and almost-naked women adorn the walls. The eclectic bars menu is written up on rustic wooden boards. I cannot even explain in words how excited I was for American food – it was a go hard or go home type of situation. I enthusiastically complied, and went with a beef burger that was as big as my head. Challenge accepted. The burger was, for lack of a better way to describe it, the best 15 minutes of my life. I then turned around to find a DJ behind me with a pink mohawk, and a t-shirt with an expletive in bold letters on it. I’m not sure when she crept in, but she was scary.

In summary, it’s totally my kind of place. I love finding little gems like this!










Thursday morning was one of those gloriously lazy ones. You roll out of bed at around 9.30am, decide you’re hungry and are in desperate need of caffeination. So you emerge like a gremlin and find the nearest cafe to help you out. That’s exactly what Tom and I did, and headed to Project 8 for a much needed feed and multiple coffees.

I just feel like halloumi & avocado understand me, you guys.


You know when you just feel like it’s a ripped denim & Connies kind of day? Yep.



I’m off to work today, then heading straight to The Soda Factory for Tom’s 21st birthday celebrations tonight! Can’t wait. 🙂

Hope you all have a fantastic Friday night, and I’ll chat to you guys on the weekend!


Kloe x



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