A Little Announcement: Broadening my Horizons.

Hi all,

I just wanted to drop in to let you guys know about the little project I’ve been working on behind the scenes, I’ve decided that it’s time to tell you about it now before it all comes into effect.

You’re all well aware that this blog is like my first born! Okay, admittedly a bold statement, but I’m going to go there. I adore writing and creating content, and it’s something I’m extremely passionate about. I started my little corner of the internet back in January 2013, so that’s 18 months ago now.

I feel in that year and a half, I’ve discovered more about myself, who I am as a person, what makes me excited and what I live for. I’ve broadened my mind, explored different and new-to-me avenues that I’ve come to absolutely love. I’ve followed paths that have lead me to become more of the person that I’m meant to be. Having said all that, I just feel that I’ve grown out of my “health & fitness” identity, and am aching to expand my blog to write about so many things that make my life more beautiful every day. I’m deciding to rename my little corner, and get a redesign to reflect my new interests, passions and hobbies, that I can tell will be a big part of my life. This isn’t something i feel unsure or worried about, which is a fantastic sign that this is the right thing for me to do. In fact, I feel invigorated, rejuvenated, and newly excited for the next venture here in my blogging world.

I think as a blogger, and heck – as a human in general, you’ll experience periods of change, growth and self-discovery that will alter the direction of your focus, or even your life. These can be monumental or just small, but these ebbs and flows are worth following and going with to find out what it is you love and value in life. It’s an inevitable part of being alive in this big wide world, and is to be embraced – it’s super exciting, run with it! And this is my moment to do exactly that. But I can’t deny that it’s of course a little scary at the same time, but you’ve just got to jump, right?

I get so much joy out of writing, and sharing my life and passions with you guys – so that will certainly not change! I just want to create a space more focussed on lifestyle in general, rather than just health and fitness. So you can expect lots more fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and photography. These are the things that make my heart beat faster these days, and these are the things I want to share with you. I’ll still talk about health and fitness, because of course those things are still important to me. I fell in love with the name The Sunday Best, I feel like it’s a name that more accurately represents what my content will be. So that will be what this space will be called now. And just quietly, it’s much snappier, and easier to type in, haha. Minor details that make all the difference! 😉

I hope you’ll join me on this journey, and stay for the ride. I’m still me, I still write the way I do, with my own unique, personal style. I’m just expanding my horizons, and chasing my bliss.

I’m sorting out the redesign and name change at the moment – the technical stuff is well beyond me, and I’m so in over my head! So bare with me as I navigate that and annoy the experts for their advice. 😉

I’ll keep you lovely people updated! I want to also say a big thank you to all my readers – you keep me going and you keep my writing. You’ve helped me make my mark here and made my little corner feel much more like a home. ❤

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!


Kloe x


2 responses to “A Little Announcement: Broadening my Horizons.

  1. I can see you growing in your writing and think this move will certainly broaden your horizons. CongratulAtions xxx

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