Trekking in the Wilderness, Snort-Laughing at the Movies & Other Recent Adventures.

Happy Saturday, people for whom it’s actually Saturday for in the world!
If it’s not, keep truckin’ son. There’s a light at the end of the tunnel.

So now my standard inspirational pep talk is over, let’s catch up. Life has been kind of glorious lately. I feel like the work and play balance is tipping exponentially towards play, and I ain’t even mad. We all need a week or two like that every now and again to recharge, and essentially just have a crap load of fun. 🙂

As you know, Tom’s in town so we’ve been hanging out. I headed to his place for dinner a few nights ago, we were meant to cook dinner but let’s just say my job was to cut the veggies… all the while asking multiple times: “is this right? Thinner? More square?” I turn into a 3-year-old who can’t think for myself in the kitchen, so the poor guy had to answer the same question about 5 times. I wish I was a cooking genius who don’t need no validation! *sassy click*
The end result was chicken teriyaki, tempura veggies, rice and edamame beans. Despite my cluenessness, it was absolutely incredible. 

Chicken Teriyaki Recipe


Before dinner we hit a nearby bush walking track to take Tom’s dog for a walk. It’s so strange to turn off a main road in Sydney, and straight into what looks like it’s a national park or something, or alternatively the Amazon. We hiked around the “wilderness” (use that term loosely) for a bit, before settling onto a rock overlooking a creek, surrounded by trees with a billion bats hanging off of them. It’s always damn amazing getting away from the hustle and bustle of streets/cities/general civilisation to enjoy some peace and quite and just think.

Or talk ridiculous selfies, like we did.

IMG_5217 IMG_5218

For some reason, I only just realised that my hair is insanely long – my friend Amee pointed it out. Give it a few months, and I’ll have to hire someone to walk behind me 24/7 to hold it off the floor. Now hiring in advance, $15 an hour. Apply within. 😛

Tex in his element:








As per usual guys, it’s that time of the post. I’m sharing my outfit of the day! Cue a few “Oh Lord, save us!” comments, a few sighs, maybe a cough. You love it.


Hat: Sportsgirl / Blazer: Zara Basics / Grey tee: Cotton On / Leather pants: Cotton On / Necklace: Sportsgirl 

It was a uncharacteristically gorgeous, sunny day for winter, so I took the opportunity to dust off my favourite hat I bought a few months ago. I got one for my mum for Mother’s Day, then proceeded to convince myself I needed one too. Best decision.

The Parramatta Cotton On factory outlet had a bunch of incredible basics I got for super low prices, like the tee here for $5. Get your butt there if you live in Sydney! I’m crying a little as a write this, because the leather pants I’ve worn to death (also $5 from Glebe markets) are starting to fall apart. Definitely going to need to invest in another pair of them, I live in them in the cooler months.

I love my new necklace from Sportsgirl. I’m getting into the whole crystal theme that’s becoming popular, so this was a must-have. I love that it’s doubled up too. And finally, you all know how strongly I feel about my Zara blazer… also a bargain at $10. It’s my lifeline this season! Well, a close second after coffee. 😉



Last night Tom and I saw 22 Jump Street. Verdict? Hilarious, and as good as the first. I was snort-laughing the entire time, putting everyone else to shame and beating them all in the “who-can-laugh-most-embarrassingly” stakes.

If you haven’t caught it yet, it’s a good one. Definitely recommend it! I mean, Channing Tatum. Often topless. Need I say more?

What have you got planned this weekend?
What’s your favourite go-to basic winter outfit, and where do you snag all your bargains?

What movies have you caught lately and loved?



Kloe x


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