Breakfast Dates, My Partner in Crime is Back & Monochrome Obsession.

Hey there!

I’m emerging from the apparent abyss I’ve been camping out in for over a week to catch up with you all. First up, I just want to say a big, big thank-you to all the incredible support I got after posting my most recent: Why I’ll Never Be Perfect, How That’s Completely Okay, Even Kind of Cool.

I was so overwhelmed by the love I received, and even though it was an incredibly personal post and one that took a lot of courage to put out there for the world, I’m so happy that I did in the end. Knowing that I was able to touch and challenge people with my writing makes it all worth it! It was definitely something I’d been wanting to write about for a little while, so again… you guys rock my world. 🙂 I’ve always admired writers who are raw, genuine and honest, and I try to always capture my true self.


Phew! Now that my big, soppy thank-you is out of the way (you can all breathe and stop cringing now 😉 ), let’s catch up, shall we? I’m still basking in the pure bliss that is uni holidays. And just to makes matters that much better, I’ve got my two favourite people back in my life: Tom is in town at the moment, and my best friend Ally just got home from her adventure in the city of dreams! We had a brekkie date this morning, and there may or may not have been crash tackles and high-pitched squeals. I cannot explain how happy I am to have my partner in crime home again! I loved hearing all her stories from the big, bad concrete jungle that is New York City – and of course, it’s ignited that damn wanderlust in me again. Yet another city to add to the list, pity that. 😉

IMG_5185 IMG_5182

We decided to check out Pablo & Rusty’s on Castlereagh Street, which was a bustling little place in the middle of the city. I was enamoured with the minimalist, industrial interior, and had to snap a few sneaky snaps: “Ally, cover for me!” Cue distracting the waiter while I did the typical blogger photo shoot. The service was crap, and they almost forgot to feed us after waiting an hour for our food – but we barely noticed. We were way too busy catching up on lost time, laughing obnoxiously loud and forgetting our inside voices. Apologies, businessman in the black suit next to us who kept shooting us death stares over his long black. Get some friends, mate.


We kept it simple (and cheap, let’s be real here, guys…). I was hit by a massive, insatiable craving for Vegemite – which was hard to differentiate from being hit by a bus. Aussies, I’m sure you can relate – it can strike anytime, anywhere. Be ready. It ain’t fancy, but sometimes, there’s nothing like it. Verdict: thoroughly enjoyed. Ally opted for “pudding” (I use that term loosely, as it appears suspiciously to be a muffin in disguise). This was apparently the closest thing to banana bread, upon asking the waiter… what kind of cafe doesn’t have banana bread, though? I feel like this is violating some kind of cafe code, somewhere. However, irrelevant. I have my favourite lady back in my life, so muffin or pudding, I’m happy. 🙂

I wanted to share with you a recent fashion pattern I’m noticing myself whipping out a lot at the moment. And by a lot, I mean I’m essentially not wearing anything else. This winter seems to be the season of the monochrome outfits for this lady, and I’m not even mad. There’s something effortless and sophisticated about it, and you can never really go wrong. Plus, it just gives you to opportunity to go crazy with a little pop of colour and get creative there.

Exhibit A: My brekkie date get-up

(Can we just talk about how gorgeous the army bear from Tom is creeping in the background? His name’s Ted. Don’t judge.)



Top: Beginning Boutique / Blazer: Zara Basics / Leather pants: Cotton On / Jewellery: Lovisa / Lipstick: Babette by Lime Crime Makeup

Would you believe me if I told you that at least 50% of this outfit I snagged for under $10 from markets?! It seriously pays to dig through people’s old clothes sometimes, you find some real gems. The Zara pin striped blazer has quickly become a winter staple for me, I love that I can throw it over most of my outfits to give it more of a professional, sophisticated finish. I’m a blazer fiend, guilty as charged. I love the contrast of the feminine lace with the edgier leather pants (which I barely take off this season) and the basic blazer. I opted for a little bit of pastel with the necklace, rings and baby pink lipstick.


Exhibit B: My work outfit, snapped quite literally in it’s natural habitat (shh.)


Dress: Peppermayo Boutique / Blazer: can’t remember! / Jewellery: Lovisa / Lipstick: Dark Angel by Sportsgirl / Shoes: Rubi Shoes 

Okay, so awkward pose and arm positioning aside, I adore this new dress I just bought. It has this really unusual reptile scale or snakeskin pattern, which I was instantly drawn to. Not only that, but it’s got the asymmetrical front, which I love. The long sleeves make it super wearable for winter, and if you chuck on a pair of black stockings underneath and some boots, you’re snug and good to go. I paired it with some black and gold jewellery, and my newest beauty obsession: this deep crimson/ maroon lipstick. It’s a great alternative to a bold red lip when the weather is darker and colder.


Exhibit C: What I wear 98% of the time at home, but wouldn’t be caught dead sporting in public



Hot water bottle & slippers: Peter Alexander / Tea: Tiny Tea by Your Tea / Quilt: made by my very talented Nan. It’s so colourful and beautiful, I’m kind of obsessed.

However, perfect winter set-up. Don’t even try to fight me on that. You will lose.

Hope you’re all having a lovely week, and I shall speak to you all soon! ❤


Kloe x


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