Winter Warmers: My Top Tea Picks.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s (almost) nothing like snuggling up at home on a chilly winter’s day, rain beating the windows, all your most unattractive woolies on, a steaming cuppa in hand…

Look, I’m an absolute coffee fiend, but a poor uni student like me can’t buy a billion soy cappuccinos a day – although that would be pretty damn fantastic (minus the sleep… a small price to pay though, am I right?). However, I’ve been looking for a way to curb my constant need to be caffeinated by dabbling in the wonderful world of tea, which was previously unexplored by me. Everyone I know is an avid tea drinker, and I was determined to track down a few blends I could fall in love with.



So, I set out on an epic tea-hunting adventure, and can happily report that I’ve returned with some pretty delicious loot. I’m starting to really genuinely look forward to sipping my teas throughout the day. I owe that to actually trying to find what type of tea I was into, rather than forcing myself to down all the herbal teas people swear by.

Okay, so honesty hour: herbal tea kind of makes me gag is most definitely not my thing. I just can’t help but thinking I’ve popped a nearby forrest through the Vitamix and now I’m casually ingesting it. Slight exaggeration? Maybe, but you feel me.
But in saying that, I’ve discovered that I’m obsessed with all the fruity, dessert teas. What’s new, huh?!

Here are the contenders for the best winter warmers this season, according to me. If you haven’t tried these, get on that! I mean, tea collections are never complete… mine is slowly but surely taking over my kitchen counter. To the point I question whether I have one anymore. But that’s irrelevant, because yummy tea stash errywhere. 


1. Strawberries & Cream by T2:

In my sweet-toothed, fruit-lovin’ mind, this tea is pretty much as perfect as they come. The actual tea is “loose leaf” (except doesn’t actually involve any leaves), and is made up of hibiscus petals, rose hips, apple & strawberry bits, with yoghurt pieces. Yep, you heard me right. This gem is literally that much-loved fruit and yoghurt combo, in tea form. I adore it with a stevia sachet and a touch of milk to make it more of a creamy treat. This one is fantastic for after dinner, when your sweet-tooth starts to inevitably run rampant. Tell it to chill out with a cup of this good stuff!



Tiny Tea by Your Tea:

Okay, let me first start off by saying this is not one of those gimmicky, and not to mention plain unhealthy, weight loss teas. I am so adamantly against those supposed “fat burning” teas which so often contain harsh laxatives, causing drastic (and dangerous) water loss, and maybe even dehydration – all in the name of dropping a few pounds. Of pure water, really. Not a whole heap of fun, to be honest.

However, Tiny Tea is an organic blend of Chinese medicine herbs, that is intricately designed to help nourish your digestive system, and bring it back to balance. It’s the only herbal tea I drink, and have found that it’s aided tremendously with my tummy bloating and made me feel that tad more energetic and lighter/not so heavy and lethargic. You can purchase the teabags in a 14 or 28-day course, with the end goal being to feel much more energetic and to improve skin, energy levels and digestive problems. So far, so good! I don’t follow the plan or anything, I just grab a teabag when I feel like a cup of it. Can we also just appreciate the gorgeous little pink tea bags?! Typical girl status. Let’s move on.



Toasty Nougat by T2:

Oh, wow. There are no words to describe just how comforting and delicious this one is. It’s like freshly made nougat, but just pretend you’re too lazy to chew (hypothetically. Get that checked out by a professional if you genuinely are), and you just sip the goodies instead. Bam, liquid nougat, right here. It has these incredible undertones of almond and caramel, with a burst of apple. See what I mean when I said I had a penchant for the dessert-kinda teas?! I mean, clearly I wasn’t joking. This is taking it to the next level. This is the definition of comforting on a blustery winter’s night, for sure.



Chocolate & Orange tea by Kusmi Tea:

This beauty was gifted to me by Mum when she recently travelled to Paris. Apparently, this brand is all the rage of in Paree, according to her (look, she’s fitting right in with the locals! Go Mum! Next step is taking me there, cool. Thanks.) It’s absolutely divine! It’s a blend of roasted mate, orange peel and chocolate. For anyone who has experienced the absolute glory that is chocolate and orange together, will understand where I’m coming from here. And let’s be honest, chocolate has an insane power when it comes to making us feel happy/warm/fuzzy/possibly sick after an entire block/all of the above. This tea delivers the feel-good vibes, with a really lovely orange-y summery vibe… making me reminisce about the warmer months. Behave, Sydney weather.

If ever you’re in the city of love, do yourself a favour and pick up some Ksumi teas! They’re the real deal.



Cocoa Loco by T2:

Chocoholics that can’t physically consume enough chocolate to satisfy their craving: this hero of a tea just saved your day. This baby is made from 100% pure cocoa bean husks, so you get slapped in the face (in a good way) by that rich, decadent chocolate-y goodness. Without the added guilt of downing a full block of Dairy Milk while watching ‘Orange is the New Black’ (“But it all happened so fast!”…). And if you’ve got a specific hankering for a creamy hot choccie, as is completely justifiable during winter, we’re all human here – you can add hot or steamed milk for an instant, healthy hot choccie. You’re welcome. Thank me later.

…Or you could just hop in the car in your trackies and ugg boots, and drive to the nearest Max Brenner for their hot chocolate (read: pure melted chocolate). You’d be forgiven.



Fruitalicious by T2:

This is probably the most versatile out of all of my favourite teas. It’s got that perfectly sweet mixture of fruity flavours, and it’s not even just your standard, run of the mill fruits either. This one contains apple, dragon fruit, sea buckthorn berries, chokeberries, Goji berries, kiwi fruit, pinapple, papaya, cranberry and blueberries. Yes, all of those actually exist. Admittedly, I’ve only heard of, ooh, three of those – but that just makes it all the more exotic and mysterious. (Had to stop and remind myself I’m describing a tea, not writing a script for the Bachelor).

Perfect for a warm cuppa with honey or stevia for an after-dinner indulgence, or you can make a mean iced tea in the summer time. Add ice, mint, and actual berries to a jug of it for the ultimate refreshment.



Speaking of tea, I think I might go brew myself a cup now. Brb.

What’s your absolute favourite tea?
Are you more of a coffee person like me, and trying to educate yourself more about teas?
Best iced tea recipe you know?


Kloe x


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