Egg of the Universe Yoga Studio & Wholefoods Cafe, Rozelle.

So, I’ve never been a die-hard yogi.

I’ve had an unpredictable relationship with yoga, one minute declaring I’m going to start practicing twice a week – the next year realising I actually never went. Once.

However, recently a friend of mine gifted me a month pass to Egg of the Universe, a gorgeous little yoga studio and whole foods cafe in Rozelle, Sydney. It’s primary focus is urban holistic yoga, transformational Power Vinyasa yoga. Now, I’ll be the first to admit that this was kind of gibberish to at first, but reading up on it on their website, it sounds positively incredible.
Here’s what the studio has to say about their practice:

“Vinyasa” means to arrange or place in a special way. This refers to the sequence of yoga asanas that move intelligently from simple to more complex, allowing your body to open up slowly without force. A Vinyasa Yoga practice involves linking movements together with fluid breathig, creating a meditation in motion that allows you to move with grace and ease.

“Power” relates to your own evolutionary process of becoming more of who you are meant to be – letting go of anything that holds you back from your true state of openness and oneness with the web of life. It’s about finding your own true potential by letting go of negativity, competitiveness, and self-criticism. It’s about embodying the heart qualities of acceptance, compassion, truthfulness, passion and grace.

A Power Vinyasa Yoga practice will definitely work your physical body, but in a highly sensitive way. During a Power Vinyasa Yoga class you will become more aware of yourself on every level including your bodily sensations, thoughts, and emotions. Power Vinyasa Yoga helps you cultivate somatic intelligence, reconnecting mind and body into a fully conscious, vibrant whole.”

– Egg of the Universe website (discover more here)



My Mum and I headed in for a bright and early sunrise class on Tuesday morning, which was called Essentials. Now, like I said, I’ve had a rocky relationship with yoga, but I honestly felt like this class renewed my love for the practice, and I’m more determined than ever to at least get in a weekly session. The teacher was Murray, and he was fantastic. He gave great, detailed instructions, and on top of that, said some incredibly insightful things that really got me thinking mid-downward dog. There are some yoga teachers that are purely only good at teaching the yoga itself – then there are others that really challenge you to think about yourself and the world around you. Murray was one of them.

The class was 90 minutes long, with the perfect mix of challenging flowing movements and poses, and meditation and stretching at the end. I can honestly say, I’ve never sweated so much in a yoga class in my life, and I’m insanely sore today – the ol’ hamstrings and shoulders definitely got a beating! It’s a rare thing to feel extremely rejuvenated and reflective after a class, as well as feeling like you got a quality stretch and workout. Well, big tick for all of those elements. We’ll be back next week for sure, already booked in online!

Afterwards, we were starving and our muscles were crying out for a good refuel. We headed downstairs to suss out the whole foods cafe, which we found upon inspection had some pretty damn delicious stuff on offer. Breakfast and coffee, please and thank you.





Mum and I both got almond milk coffees. I opted for the avocado & tomato on spelt sourdough, with hemp, oregano, basil & extra virgin olive oil. All topped off with a poached organic egg. There are no words, the only evidence of it’s complete yumminess was me polishing it off in about 10 minutes flat. Mum went for this beautiful raw cacao granola, with seasonal fruit, almond milk & cashew yoghurt. This food was unlike what you get at your standard cafe: it was all made with the best quality ingredients and you could definitely tell.



I’m already looking forward to our class next Tuesday morning, you guys. There’s just something really special about the relaxed and renewed feeling you’re left with after a quality yoga session. It’s unique to post-cardio and post-weights rushes… but I’m just as much of a fan, that’s for sure. I was left feeling awesome for the rest of the day, and felt like I’d started it on the best possible note.

I need more of that in my busy, non-stop life. It’s not often we get to pause, and focus purely on ourselves and the present moment. Nothing more.

Are you a yoga fan? What is your favourite studio?
What’s your absolute favourite thing about the practice?


Kloe x


One response to “Egg of the Universe Yoga Studio & Wholefoods Cafe, Rozelle.

  1. Almond milk coffees are the best and I NEED to check out this cafe stat!

    I loveeeee yoga, but it’s just so darn expensive! I stick to practicing at home but I’m thinking about heading to a local studio for a couple of classes with my girlfriends who have never tried it!

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