Sometimes You Just Need To Get Away.

Hey everyone, how’s this week treating you so far?

I got home from an amazing weekend in Canberra on Sunday night, and was ricocheted (quite violently) back into reality. I definitely feel much more rejuvenated and relaxed after a weekend of escaping everything. Sometimes all you need is to get away from everything that’s stressing you out and just forget about it for a few days – it seriously does you the world of good, mentally and emotionally. I’m a small town girl at heart, so I secretly really look forward to getting away from the hustle and bustle of Sydney. It really doesn’t stop for anyone, and I get so overwhelmed by the sheer speed of it all. Canberra, on the other hand, is nice and silent and chilled out. Albeit small and cold, but hey, a small price to pay really! 😉

I got in on Friday night, and Tom took me to the hotel we were staying at. Guys, if you’re ever in Canberra for whatever reason (probably not for an adventure-packed holiday, I admit), stay at the QT, Canberra! It’s got this awesome, eclectic old school/retro political theme. It was so luxurious, I totally felt like a queen! The ultimate proof of it’s classiness is when Tom randomly and excitedly exclaimed, “Look – they have robes and slippers!” He was right. We spent more time in the robes being lazy than we care to admit. That decor, though! On point.



They’ve got a really nice restaurant (and bar) downstairs called the Capitol Bar & Grill, which we ate at on Friday night. You can head there even if you’re not staying at QT, so it’s that kinda deal. Just check this place out. There are no words. Just a crapload of photos to prove my point:




(source for all)

Am I right, or am I right? Just to top it all off, we got a breakfast buffet included for both Saturday and Sunday morning. Cue victory dancing and resultant food comas. All was good.

On Saturday night, we headed out for dinner with some friends, and actually ended up back at our hotel bar for drinks! Clearly just can’t keep away. QT, you have my heart.


Pretty fairy lights on a bunch of trees on our way to dinner. See guys, Canberra can be remotely pretty and exciting sometimes. Cut it some slack, okay? Good.

I always look forward to my little weekend getaways in Canberra with my favourite person. Pity the kid lives (semi) far away, huh? Definitely missing the lazy hotel mornings raiding the breakfast buffet and reading the paper. If I could do this every morning, I’d be doing life right. One day, when uni or work or making a living and/or being a productive human being isn’t a thing anymore. 😉



Look at him, being all worldly and intellectual while I’m most likely (read: undoubtedly) scrolling Instagram and double-tapping things.

Tom had to head home early, so I was stranded at the Canberra shopping centre for an hour or so before heading to the bus. I then proceeded to drink coffee and eat sushi and look like a general homeless bum. Sorry, everyone at the shops, for taking up about 3 seats with all my crap. I do not travel lightly, and am not even ashamed.




Well, I’m off to finish up my final assignment for the uni semester (best moment ever.) and then continue my binge-watching of Orange is the New Black. Why did no one warn me about this show earlier?! Why did no one tell me I’d forget what sleep is? Pfft, it’s for the weak anyway, right? 😉


What did everyone get up to on the weekend?
Where’s your favourite place to getaway to when escaping the hustle and bustle of the city? Or is that your thing?
Have you seen Orange is the New Black, and are you a massive fan like me?




Kloe x


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