Ugly-Crying in Public & The Ultimate Giveaway.

Happy Saturday! 😀

To say I’m a tad keen for the arrival of the long weekend would be an understatement. I guess I should be thanking the Queen and wishing her a big HB? Party on, Queen. Have a good one.

Me. Possibly.

Me. Possibly.


Last night as I was at the shops picking up goodies for the impending giveaway (I alluded to it yesterday – stay tuned!), I was right next door to the movies… and decided that I’d head in and see ‘The Fault In Our Stars’ that started in 15 minutes. Please note that I was wearing my ‘fat pants’ (basically harem pants/my pyjamas), and then proceeded to emerge from the cinema afterwards, ugly-crying, with a red and puffy face. I’m sure I was quite the spectacle and got a few snickers, but I don’t even care – that movie is absolutely heart-wrenching. 

I’ve read the book, but I’m one of those people who get way more emotionally involved in movies… and that’s exactly what happened. The story was told beautifully and in such a way that will emotionally destroy you. Oh my god. I mean, I don’t want to be all cliche here, but there’s something about young love and loss that really hits ya hard. The sniffling in the cinema got progressively louder as the movie went on, with the occasional sob here and there. It also features incredible actors/actresses, and stunning footage of Amsterdam. If you haven’t seen this gem, get on that now!
But girls, take it from me: chuck on your waterproof mascara, and bring a box of Kleenex. Or three.






So the last, bittersweet month of working alongside Fitness First for their #changeforthebest campaign has rolled around. I’ve had such a fun, incredible experience with a new challenge each month, and hopefully inspiring you guys on your health and fitness journey in the process. I want to give Fitness First a big thank you for the opportunity, I’ve been honoured to be a part of their #changeforthebest campaign, as it’s something that I am a big fan and supporter of.



As a last hurrah, I’ll be hosting an unmissable giveaway for all the ladies out there who are determined to continue on smashing their health and fitness goals – this bundle of joy will surely help you do that time and time again.

I’ll be hosting this baby on Instagram, so go and follow me, and keep your eyes peeled this Saturday for all the info to enter to come out.

A big, big thanks to the lovely team at Doctor Earth in Newtown, who helped me out and who I stayed and chatted to for a good 20 minutes long after I’d paid. Doctor Earth is my hands down favourite health food store, so if you’re in Sydney (or ever in the area!), head in and snag all the things. They literally have everything a health food nerd (like myself) could want.

Anyway, without further ado:

Here’s what will be in one winner’s hot little hands:


1) An $100 Lorna Jane voucher

2) A bundle of health food treats

3) A 10 x Fitness First pass

And to enter, here’s what you’ll do:

1) Regram the image I pop up on Instagram today

2) Follow @kloesampson

3) Tag #changeforthebest  &  @kloesampson  &  #runningshoeschocolatemousse !

Then BAM. You’re in the running for all this amazing stuff.

Entries will close on Saturday the 14th June, 12am. Remember that if your profile is on private, I won’t be able to sneak a peak at your entry! sad face. Only for my fellow Aussies, unfortunately!

Best of luck guys, and may the best man win! 😉


Kloe x


One response to “Ugly-Crying in Public & The Ultimate Giveaway.

  1. I cry my eyes out at the cinema! I tend to be OK watching films at home, but at the cinema I focus solely on what’s happening on the screen and I literally cry at EVERYTHING!!!

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