Something I’m Seriously Considering, New Finds & Exciting Times Ahead.

Oh hey there!

It would appear that I’m in fact still alive and kicking, hence this post. My week has been so chock-a-block, and next week will be just as hectic. Last Friday was my last day of uni for the semester (yes, 1000 times yes.) But that said, I’ve still got a monster of a 3000 word final essay to smash out, due next Friday… meaning: Kloe, get yo sh*t together and actually do said essay.
Patience, young grasshopper.

I’ve got my Nan over from Adelaide next week, and then I’ll be escaping to Canberra next weekend to hang out with Tom and get out of the damn city. Am I the only one who actually craves getting away from the hustle and bustle?! #grandmastatus 😉 So it’ll be a really fantastic week to say the least, and I’m really looking forward to it! That, and my 8-week uni break ahead of me. So good it hurts.

As you guys may know (because I generally don’t shut up about it… #sorrynotsorry), but I’m making the conscious effort to reduce the amount of animal products I eat after some docos and books shock me to the core. Since then, I’ve been experimenting with a few different vegan products to see what they’re like and if I can see myself living on them happily rather than meat/dairy. It’s a completely new venture for me, but I’ve actually snagged some pretty yummy products and want to share them with you!

1. Cheezly mozzarella cheese substitute 

Guys, these rolls of “cheesy” goodness are actually amazingly like the real deal. I was really skeptical going into the fake cheese trial, not going to lie. But Cheezly delivered, 100%, and I was so pleasantly surprised. They even have a billion different styles: mozzarella (the one I had), blue cheese, super melty, mature cheddar… you name it, they have it, in dairy-free, ethical form.
I could easily live on this stuff and not miss cheese one bit! The texture is much the same as cheese, so you can pretty much do whatever you like with it. I popped mine on a vegan quarter pounder… no word of a lie. Will elaborate in a sec. 😉

Check out the product here.




2. Vegideli vegan quarter pounders

Oh my lord. I never need beef/a late night drunken Maccas drive-thru again. These succulent babies are made from soy, and have onion and seasonings to make them extra irresistible. They’re equally as satisfying as any red meat burger, so you don’t have to be concerned with feeling like a rabbit in any way. You can still certainly go big or go home with these! I mean, prime example: I put one of the patties on a burger bun with Cheezly mozzarella style, avocado, tomato, onion, spinach and a pinch of salt and pepper. I went all out and even added some over-baked sweet potato fries in coconut oil. So. Flippin’. Good. So much so, that I clearly can’t even artfully articulate through words!

Read more about the product here.



3. Macro Wholefoods Market nut butters

So anyone who knows me, even slightly, will be aware that I have an insatiable appetite for nut butters. I have been known to consume a whole jar within half a week… basically every week. If anyone’s up to challenge me on that, bring it on. I usually just grab the natural Sanitarium peanut butter and the health food section almond, brazil and cashew nut butter from Coles. I saw these bad boys in Woolies and thought I’d give them a go. Verdict? Sooo creamy, I thought I’d just save time and sit down with a spoon and said jar. A good time was had. As you can see, I’m cradling them like they’re my children and I care deeply for them. Accurate.  They’re made from all natural ingredients, as in, just the nuts themselves!

Suss the range here.





In other news, I have a confession to make.

I’m kind of, sort of, obsessed with tiny little tattoos and want one. I just think some of them look just so delicate and gorgeous!
Before you start freaking out and threatening to call my Mum (she’ll be reading this anyway… ha, beat you to it!), take a look at the kinds of tattoos I mean:



{Little aztec arrow design via @riseofdawn Instagram}




{Tiny sun and moon via Tumblr}



{Hollow heart via @tigermist Instagram}


Here’s my problem though. I’m a massive wuss, truth me known, and almost had heart palpitations walking into the tattoo place about 6 months ago… to just enquire. Yep, that’s my scaredy-cat level: roughly 793.

I’d love some advice if anyone has some about getting a tattoo, how scared out of my brain I should be, good places in Sydney to head to… all that good stuff. 🙂

So keep your eyes peeled over the next week for the big reveal 😉 You’re going to love this one, so be ready to enter! I’ll be hosting the competition and giveaway on Instagram, so head on over and give me a follow and be raring to go when I post it. 😉

Have a great Friday all! I’m hibernating today because Winter has finally decided to come out to play here in Sydney, and it’s bucketing. I can’t see out my window.


Kloe x


3 responses to “Something I’m Seriously Considering, New Finds & Exciting Times Ahead.

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  2. I am NOT a needle fan, and often pass out in the hospital when I have to have blood drawn. But when I had my tattoo several years ago I was absolutely fine. It literally just feels like someone is drawing on your body with a biro pen that’s not always running ink, so they’re pressing down slightly harder.

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