Farmer’s Market Haul, DIY & Keen for the Journey.

And so another Monday rolls around again. Where are all these weeks going? Anyone know?! It’s completely freaking me out, but at the same time I can’t complain, because this week is my last week at uni before a giant break. Which I’m in desperate need of. Couldn’t come sooner!


This’ll no doubt be me every morning until Friday. Can we just talk about how gorgeous French bulldogs are for a second?! I’ve found myself a little obsessed with them, and getting super clucky if I see one in public. No tears, mind, not that far – but wanting-to-smuggle-in-my-bag kind of obsessed. Still equally as serious. Anyway, like everyone who knows me would be well aware: the first thing I do when I buy my own home, is get myself a puppy! Yes, as a priority over a bed/fridge/etc… I’ll just cuddle it in the corner of an empty room. Priorities, people!

Wow, that was a really spontaneous puppy rant. I apologise for putting you through that, haha. Let’s talk about my Saturday instead, shall we?

After the gym on Saturday, I headed to Paddy’s Market for the first time in, ooh, about 2 years? I used to go and buy all my fruit and veg for the week there when I first moved out of home, but gradually got lazy because I’d have to travel to Coles for the rest of the stuff anyway. Cue me paying like $4 for one (crappy) avocado, and $6 for about 3 apples.
I was in absolute shock at how cheap everything was at the market! Check out this haul I picked up, totalling a mere $20:


Please excuse the cheeky champers and wine bottles in the background that make me appear an alcoholic. I swear they’re just there to make me look more sophisticated/grown up amongst the soft toys I legitimately still have in my apartment. 😉 But yeah, I’m extremely happy with this little purchase, and can’t believe I ever gave up market shopping! So, I made a promise to myself to head over and do a big, juicy shop every weekend before the week ahead. The thing that’s not so crash hot is how aggressive everyone is, it’s like “that’s my bunch of kale! MINE!” and you kind of have to back off, surrender with your hands in the air… but my tip? Just get aggressive back. Works every time.

As you guys may have read, I’ve changed my eating philosophy quite drastically after seeing some things that effected me deeply. I feel like re-discovering the market was a bit of a sign for me that this is the way to go – chomping on lots more veggies and fruit, and plant-based foods, much less animal products. So it’s all very exciting and I’m keen to get stuck into some plant-based recipes. My books marks are overflowing with recipes I’ve hoarded over the months, better get onto that!

I also whipped up some of my own almond milk, which I learned how to do at the Raw Food Kitchen workshop I went to with Mum a few weeks ago. Admittedly, it tastes quite different to store-bought almond milk, but did you know that only has 2% of almonds anyway?! What’s the rest of it, right? My thoughts exactly. So at least this way, I know I’m getting the real deal – lots of almondy and plant-based goodness. Plus, you can always add agave syrup or stevia to sweeten it, or raw cacao to make it into choccie milk. So. Flippin’. Good. I used this recipe here. I swear I didn’t put it in a mason jar to be all alternative/hipster, it was literally the only thing it all fit in… haha. Damn, I was almost one of the cool kids there! 😛


That was my Saturday dedicated to starting this new journey of mine, and I couldn’t be more excited for all the new experiences, getting really into cooking (which I’ve been meaning to do for years now!) and discovering a whole new way of eating ethically, without animals having to die and be tortured for me.

I want to leave you with a few nice quotes that hit home for me this week:



What did you guys get up to this weekend?
Which markets do you head to, and what are the fruit and veg you simply have to have at home?



Kloe x



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