The Soda Factory, Surry Hills.

Burgers and fries and onion rings, oh my!

I’ve always considered myself somewhat of a burger n’ fries connoisseur. Ever since I was a kid, my eyes instantly lit up when I saw this combo on any restaurant menu. I could blame insatiable salt tooth, but let’s just be honest here… there’s nothing like a good burger when the going gets tough. Or you’re just hangry.

I’ve heard amazing things about The Soda Factory in Surry Hills, renowned for their retro American-diner-esque menu and decor. Think classic burgers, milkshakes with striped straws, gourmet hot dogs… it’s okay to drool, I certainly did.
So naturally, I told Tom that’s exactly where we’d be heading for dinner on Wednesday night. After meandering through the streets of Surry Hills, determined to find the place, we finally came across a little door in the wall with a sign above, reading “Bobby’s Boss Hot Dogs”. There was also a scary-looking security guard, who told us that this was in fact the place, and to step inside. Wrong name on the door? Oh Surry Hills, how hipster and alternative of you.



One door lead to another, and all of a sudden you’re standing in an American 50s diner. The little place was complete with waitresses in red scarves and short skirts, little booths, and black and white photos of Audrey Hepburn and pin-up ladies on the walls. We decided to hit the bar and order some beer and cider to sip while we perused the menu. Oh, my god you guys… the food. This stuff was the real deal. There was every burger and hot dog you could imagine, milkshakes (oreo and salted caramel? Sold.), and everyone’s favourite sides: Southern fried chicken, onion rings, nachos, mac n’ cheese/cheeseburger spring rolls – you name it.



After seriously considering challenging Tom to an eating competition, I settled on just one main: the big luck veggie burger. Tom went with the pulled pork burger with slaw, and then grabbed some onion rings to share. Because really, they were necessary, couldn’t pass those bad boys up! The burger was definitely as big as my head, but I knew I could take it on. I won, needless to say. It was exactly what I felt like: a big juicy burger, with melted cheese and mayo for days, chilling out in a bed of hot shoestring fries. I was one happy girl. We literally sat there in silence nodding in agreement at each other about how fantastic the food was. Satisfaction has reached a completely new level, that’s for sure.




After our meal, we hung around and chatted over drinks, and enjoyed the live band in the background. Even for a Wednesday night, the place was pumping! It’s one of those hole-in-the-wall places that are difficult to find, probably most frequented by the locals. You hear about it through word of mouth and then commence the epic journey to find it, and it was so worth it.

Tom approached the band and told them, “it would be so great if you guys could play a cover of Star Wars Cantina!” to which they replied, “don’t you go anywhere!” We sat down again as told, got comfy, and  they played that exact song! A special serenade just for Tom. I kind of just smiled awkwardly and clapped at the end, having no idea what just happened as I haven’t seen Star Wars (sue me). But apparently it was kind of a big deal. Okay Tom, whatever you say. 😉

We then grabbed an ice cream to share on the walk home.




We both had a fantastic night at The Soda Factory, and could not stop raving about it! Both the food, service and atmosphere were incredible, and make for a perfect venue for any occasion. Bring a bunch of friends to enjoy a relaxing night out over good grub, a cute little date night, heck, even a Hen’s Night! We spotted a girl sporting a plastic tiara at the bar 😛 I cannot wait to head back!

Where: 16 Wentworth Ave, Surry Hills, Sydney
Opening hours: Monday – Wednesday: 5pm til late
Thursday: 5pm til 2pm
Friday: 5pm til 5am
Saturday: 5pm til 5am
Phone: (02) 8096 9120
Website: click here. 


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