Mother’s Day Market Shenanigans.

And all of a sudden, it’s almost Hump Day. How does this keep happening? I need to stop blinking. I literally miss about 5 weeks when I do.

How was everyone’s Mother’s Day weekends? I hope everyone spoiled the incredible women in our lives, and had a lovely day. We often don’t tell our Mums/Grandmas/sisters/aunties/other amazing women that we love them and are super-thankful for everything they’ve done for us over the years.

So, shout out to my gorgeous Mum: you’re my best friend, my sister for life, and the strongest, most generous woman I’ll ever know. I could not be more proud to call you my mum. 🙂 (yep, cue my mum probably tearing up/being a blubbering mess)

On Sunday, the family and I headed to Marrickville markets, which is a cute little organic food market with the best goodies on hand. It’s chock-a-block with fresh produce, amazing healthy food stalls, eclectic antique stuff, vintage clothes, free samples… I used to go there sometimes with Tom and his family, and really liked it.


If you guessed that Mum and I have matching hats, you would be correct. I bought Mum this awesome winter hat from Peppermayo for Mother’s Day, convinced myself I absolutely needed one too.. and picked one up from Sportsgirl. I was right, I did need it. Such a good winter accessory! Refusing to take it off so far. 😉 #twinning

Here are a few cheeky snaps from the day. Special mention has to go to the corn fritters we got for lunch: smothered in sour cream, dukkah & sweet chilli. Oh, holy yum. Do you reckon I could get away with kidnapping one of the cooks from the stall next week, to whip them up for me all day errday? Challenge accepted.










I’m such a sucker for markets, and that’s one thing I adore about Sydney – there are so many little gems to discover scattered all over the city. I still haven’t done my rounds to them all yet, and I’ve been here almost 8 years!

Had such a nice day. Note to self: must spend as much time as I can with my family, it’s hard to these days but really makes all the difference.

Now I’m off to le gym (well attempting to work up the motivation… currently in my pj’s. Standard.) and then I have a full day with Tom tomorrow.  He’s leaving Sydney on Sunday! Endless #sadfaces. 😦 But we’re doing something really fun and out of the ordinary for my next challenge with Fitness First, so pumped for that – keep a sneaky eye out on the blog soon!

What markets are your favourites from where you’re from?
What did you get up to for Mother’s Day this year?
What’s a little tradition you do every Sunday?
Speak to you soon lovely people. Hope you’re having a good week!


Kloe x


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