Lately: Mini Beauty & Skincare Haul/Review.

Oh Saturday, where have you been, ya cheeky bugger? Well, it’s currently 5am on said Saturday morning, so there goes the whole relaxation thing I was about to gush about.
Why is it the one morning I can have a blissful sleep-in, my mind decides to have ALL THE IDEAS EVER and I can’t sleep? Logic.



So it’s been 10 days since I posted, and I miss my little corner of the internet! As always, uni is having one if it’s pre-break moments where everything is due within seconds of each other. Fun times all round! But just quietly, this 6-week break coming up is just what I need. It’s getting to that point where I need that long to sit down and actually use my brain (what is this?!) to think about the future/careers/what I want to do with my life/the meaning of life and all that jazz. No biggie. But with being so close to the end of my course, it’s truly crunch time! We shall see what happens. All very exciting and intriguing. *strokes metaphorical beard*

However, for now, the weekend is here, so it’s all good! I’ll just be catching up with some friends, heading to some markets on Sunday with the family for Mother’s Day, and assignment-ing… begrudgingly. And procrastinating… a lot. Haha.


I’ve been re-vamping my skincare and beauty products collection a bit lately, so I’m thinking it’s time for a mini-haul! I haven’t used all of them yet, but definitely will let you know which ones I fall madly in love with so I can force you all to buy them too 😉 I’ll give a bit of my opinion on the ones I’ve broken in!

LipstickDark Angel from Sportsgirl

I can definitely say for sure I’m in love with this shade – I’ve already been wearing it to death and get lots of compliments! It’s this deep, vampy burgundy red, which is absolutely perfect for autumn and winter (aka the next half of the year here in Australia). It’s super bold and looks fantastic paired with stripes and leather for an on-trend look. I wear mine with any of my basic winter outfits to add an unexpected pop of colour. An awesome seasonal staple!

dark angel




Self-tanning Product: Bondi Sands foam (light to medium)

If you haven’t heard amazing things about Bondi Sands products, I’d say you’ve definitely been living under a rock (and hence, probably need a fake tan!). I haven’t tried it out yet, but I opted for the light/medium for a bit of a glow in the winter months. Apparently, it also smells like coconut. Um, sold times a thousand? To be honest, I’m not a big fake tan guru, but I’m finding myself more and more envious of girls with that gorgeous glowy skin. So hey, this is my attempt to steal said look 😉

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 11.44.47 AM


Eyeshadow Pallette: MAC Mineralize Eyeshadow x4 in Glimmer of Gold

I’ve been on the hunt for a great, everyday, basic eyeshadow pallette for a while now. Then for my 21st, I got a David Jones voucher, and convinced myself the stars had aligned… which is obviously necessary before buying makeup, haha. I had a chat to the lady working at MAC in DJs, and she recommended this little pallette for hazel eyes, and something that can be worn in essentially all situations. It’s very mild so you do need to layer quite a bit and don’t have to be cautious, but it’s good because you can have it super light or build it up for a bit more of a smokey eye.



Face Mask: Kakadu Plum face mask by Endota Spa

I picked up this little gem on my 21st when I headed to Endota Spa for a massage with my Mum and Nan. They’re crazy good sales people there, and took advantage of my post-massage zone out to convince me to buy this. BUT, the few times I’ve used it I’ve loved it! You have to pop it on dry skin, and leave for 5-10 mins before washing off. It left my face feeling so fresh, smooth and soft – I was shocked. I like the fact that it’s organic and natural too, so you know exactly what you’re putting onto your skin. 🙂

Screen Shot 2014-05-10 at 11.41.07 AM


Body scrub: Frank Body

Yep, I caved. I succumbed to peer pressure/fantastic social media marketing and bought some Frank Body scrub! You would’ve seen it taking over Instagram, with people posting semi-nakey and suggestive photos of themselves post show, all bedroom-eyed claiming they’ve just “got dirty with Frank.” It’s cheeky, but I think it’s highly amusing! Anyway, I snagged some for my Mum and my best friend Ally for Christmas, they’ve both reported back that it is incredible – working wonders on smoothness, as well as cellulite (all women everywhere: WHERE CAN I GET ME SOME?!). I’m excited to try it, and will let you guys know if it’s all it’s cracked up to be. 😉



Primer: Australis primer

Okay, so admittedly I’ve been using makeup for yonks without ever using primer – until I started watching beauty YouTube vloggers and hearing the phrase: “it’s a crime not to prime!” To avoid imminent gaol, I hastily purchased some. And also I’d heard it was amazing for keeping your makeup on and crease free, or something. 😛 I’ve used this Australis one a couple of times, which was super affordable, and it’s great. It felt really nice on my skin, and my makeup went on flawlessly. It lasted all day too, which made me want to pop open some champers. That never happens to me!





I’d definitely recommend giving some of these products a go, and I hope you liked me little haul/semi-review! I’ve been to le gym this morning, and explored some of the Newtown markets, now I’m off to have coffee with a friend and force myself to study after. I’m going to have to be real strict on myself, my procrastination skills are getting too well defined now… haha.

What are your holy grail beauty products?
Do you use fake tan, and which one works well for you?
What have you got planned for the weekend ahead?

Have a good one!


Kloe x


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