This New Thing That I Do & Winter Fashion Essentials.

Why helloo there, how are you on this fine Thursday mornin’?

I’m running around like a headless chook trying to get anything and everything done that I have to do. Yeah, it’s not very attractive and my frantic self gets me some weird looks in public… #sorrynotsorry. I’m a woman on a mission, don’t even question it! Does anyone else feel like their to-do list is weirdly never-ending?!

However, yesterday morning was a tad different. Different good. I had a completely free morning (what is this sorcery?!) and decided to head to a nearby cafe in Glebe, laptop in hand, to get some of my uni assignment done. I mean, I headed in all guns blazing, determined as anything… but kinda got lost in the cool, eclectic decor and awesome coffee. I may have had more than one. Okay, I definitely had more than one. I always feel obliged to keep buying stuff when you’re just stealing wifi, ya know?!

It’s becoming a bit of a ritual, and I’m not even mad. Uni tutors sure will be in the foreseeable future, but minor deets. I hung out at Clipper Cafe, Glebe.




Not a bad setup, really. I was much more amused than I should be about the bikes on the wall. I had to hold back from yelling to random cafe-goers, “look guys, flying bikes, lol!” I’m really cool, most of the time, obviously.


Guys, I’ve been thinking. I really want to add a fashion aspect to my blog as well, it’s something I’m equally as passionate about as health and fitness. What do you all think? I reckon it would be fun to mix up my topics just a tad, and hey. This is my blog, and I should totally be able to expand my horizons and write about whatever I want *insert sassy finger click*. It’s a health and fitness blog, but also about lifestyle and life in general. I guess there are no hard and fast rules that I absolutely must follow, or I’ll be chucked into naughty blogger gaol! …I hope. That would be going a tad overboard.

So, with that being said, I want to share the top fashion pieces I’m adoring for autumn/winter 2014. Now I’m just shooting myself in the foot, or more specifically, encouraging myself to spend more money on clothes. How unfortunate, right ladies? 😉

1. Tartan



Truth be told, it took a while for tartan to grow on me – at first all I could think of was that it was a flashback to my school days. But now, I’m really loving it! Cute tartan print dresses and skorts look great paired with a warm pair of stockings and boot heels. The bold reds add a striking burst of colour, as outfits can easily becoming black-on-black-on-black in the cooler months. I’m loving the fact that cropped tops (like the style of the one above) will be fashionable through autumn & winter, you can just wear them with high-waisted skirts and jeans to keep toasty.

2. Boyfriend jeans


Oh, boyfriend jeans… I’m absolutely obsessed with them. One of this season’s must-haves, these babies are so effortless to chuck on, and achieve a billion different looks. They can easily be dressed up with a pair of strappy or boot heels, and your fave printed top. Add a clutch and a statement necklace, and you’re good to go for cocktails or out to dinner. On the flip side, nothing quite beats a comfy pair thrown on with a good vintage t-shirt, flat boots or Converse. Pull on a knitted cardigan or leather jacket to complete the look/avoid imminent frostbite (because obviously that’s a real risk for us Aussies…).

3. Stripes



Okay, so it’s no secret that stripes are essentially always classic and on point. I think I could easily claim that 20% of my wardrobe is striped, and I’m not even ashamed. There is pretty much no situation where stripes won’t work for you. I love how strong and bold the print is, and because most items are black and white, it’s the perfect opportunity to add an amazing pop of colour/focal piece: a bag, jeans, statement necklace… anything goes. Have fun with stripes, and use it as a base to get creative!

4. Winter boots & shoes



One thing that I always get so excited to rock in autumn/winter: boots. Super-warm and stylish, I literally have so many pairs to mix and match with any given outfit I’m wearing. Staples this season will be a pair of black or tan heeled ankle boots to throw on with skirts, jeans, dresses… they’ll never let you down by instantly taking an outfit from day to night, or giving you a bit of extra height (#shortiesunite)., Timberlands (in the middle on the left) are sneaking their way into Australian fashion. It’s funny, when I was travelling around Europe in January, everyone was rocking a pair of these – no exaggeration. I was perplexed, but secretly loved them. Now they’re here and I have permission to buy a pair! Also adore the classic white Converse, and I’m drooling over the leopard print heels. Need in my life.

5. Cosy knits



Admittedly, knits are always a thing in autumn/winter. They’re snuggly, and so simple to pull on with essentially any outfit. My favourite ways to wear them are teamed with a pair of skinny jeans or boyfriend jeans, and boots of your choice. Popping them on over printed dresses (even some you may have from summer) with stockings and boot heels creates an instantly feminine look.
I’m also secretly diggin’ the beanies with the quotes on them, which look awesome with a plain tee, leather-look jeans/boyfriend jeans, and a tartan shirt tied around your waist. Grunge city, but looks amazing, and not homeless at all – trust me.

So that’s all folks, and I hope you enjoyed my first little foray into a fashion post for you! Expect more to be popping their heads in around these parts. 🙂

One more day to brave, then it’s FRIDAY! I’ve got my nan coming up from Adelaide to celebrate Mother’s Day early with the fam, so it’s nice to get the rare moment to hang out with family these days 🙂

So, your turn:

What’s your favourite cafe to set up camp at when you’ve got heaps of work to do/to escape to?
Which autumn/winter 2014 fashion are you adoring at the moment, and can see yourself living in?


Kloe x



3 responses to “This New Thing That I Do & Winter Fashion Essentials.

  1. I don’t like Clipper Cafe! I thought I would because the interior looks cute and all that. Food is also quite good, but the service not so much. When I went there, the waiter/waitress constantly kept circling our table in the hunt for something to grab and run to the dishes. Felt like I was being rushed out (or like I was in a pie eating contest). Also I had to scream my coffee order as the waiter walked away before I had finished ordering haha.

    Brickfields on Cleveland is delicious. Gnome on Crown is amazing!!! So much food, so little $$$ 😉

    • I went to Clipper at like 9am on a Wednesday morning so it was really quiet… but you’re totally right – I hate it when it’s busy and the service is never good there. I didn’t get food and just had coffee and was cool with just being left alone quietly in my little corner to study for an hour or so 😉 Decor isn’t everything! Haha. I’m such a sucker for good cafes, so I have to try those ones out. Thanks girl! ❤

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