A Girl Can Dream: Top 5 Luxury Health & Fitness Holidays.

As May is sneakily creeping up on us, I’ve found myself daydreaming about my next escape from reality.

It’s been 3 months since I (begrudgingly) got home from a trip around Europe, and it’s official. I’m itching to get away again. It was only a matter of time! Once you’ve caught that travel bug, there’s no going back/ever having any money again. 😉 #travelproblems

Since I’ve just done the whole European winter gig, I’m craving something warm and tropical. I’m talking palm trees, sand between your toes, rolling waves… oh yes. Be honest, does that not sound like perfection right about now, as we’re welcoming in the cooler, cloudier months in Australia?

And I’m not even going to pretend that I couldn’t go for a little luxury right now. Hey, you may as well splurge and go all out, none of this half-hearted shiz. Girl’s gotta spoil herself sometimes, amiright? Even if it involves probably busking for the next 8 weeks afterwards and living on Maccas… minor details. Also, worth it.

So in the spirit of my sudden and untameable craving for tropical retreats, I’ve put together a wish-list of some breathtaking health, fitness and wellness retreats from across the globe. Drooling and sobbing may have ensued.

Take a look at these incredible oases… sitting there being all luxurious and pretty and tempting and stuff. I hope this reignites a passion in you to jet off to a far away paradise! See you there 😉
The Body Holiday, LeSPORT, Caribbean

Set amongst the unbelievable beauty of St Lucia in the Caribbean, the Body Holiday is the ultimate health and fitness experience. From sunrise to sunset, there’s a huge range of activities to get lost in, then finish your day with a rejuvenating spa treatment. All while surrounded by waterfalls and rain forests. Pass me a cocktail, will you? I’m sorry, a detox wellness kale juice. Forgive me.

Activities: Yoga, boxing, pilates, circuits, spin, beach blitz, step, zumba, dance, running, mind & body.

Price: 7 days- Singles & sharing from $1935 per person (low season), singles $3265 & sharing $3215 (high season).

lesport le sport 1


Absolute Sanctuary Fitness, Thailand

Absolute Sanctuary is perfect for anyone looking to take their health and fitness to the next level, or completely starting out on their journey. Your program is personalised based on your goals, so the 7-days you spend in paradise (working hard, though!) bring some amazing benefits. Resistance and cardio sessions are complemented with relaxing yoga and walking to provide a perfectly rounded routine. You’ll need your fuel, so they’re sure to feed you lots of nourishing meals and their “power blast super shakes.” Wow, is anyone else slightly curious? Sounds like Superman in shake form! #pow

Activities: Yoga, juice fasting, sunrise walks, thai boxing, aqua power, boot camp, massages, body scrubs & healing therapies.

Price: 7 days- Singles $2320 & sharing $2050 (low season), singles $2645 & sharing &2295 (high season).

absolute.sanc absolute.sanct resize 2


Golden Door Retreat, Hunter Valley, New South Wales, Australia

Of course, I had to go all patriotic on you and include one in our very own country. Aussies, specifically those on the East Coast, this gem is right on your doorstep! Golden Door is nestled in the rolling hills of the Hunter Valley, surrounded by amazing picturesque views. It’s just the sanctuary you need to get away from the hustle and bustle of life, and refocus on yourself. During the day you’ve got a billion and one activities to choose from, whether it be tai chi, deep water running or a seminar. You’ll leave Golden Door feeling rejuvenated, and like a completely new person.

Activities: Deep water running, walking, tai chi, stretching, seminars, evening entertainment, spa treatments & a wellness centre.

Price: 7 days – singles $4090, twin-share $3605 or multiple options for multi-share from $3745.

Golden.Door.Health.Retreat.Elysia.1_big hunter.valley


Ananda Yoga, The Himalayas, India

Your go-to destination for pure tranquility and relaxation, Ananda Yoga focuses on giving you an unforgettable wellness experience. Throughout your stay, you’re introduced to the ancient yoga practice, and treated to yoga sessions specifically designed around your needs. Afterwards, head over the the spa to indulge in some bliss. Guilt-free. Life can be so fast-paced and overwhelming these days, it can be so powerful to step away from it all and just give ourselves time (and permission) to slow down, breathe, and do something purely to treat yourself. Recalibrate and take in the beauty of India’s Himalayas at AnandaYoga.

Activities: Yoga, personal training, private session: abs, legs and bums, private session: the fit ball, meditation & spa treatments.

Price: Singles $3485 & sharing $2770 (low season), singles $4370 & sharing $3430 (high season).

Ananda.palace.dusk Ananda.herbal.back.treatment


F12 Fitness Retreat, Spain

Not one for the faint-hearted, F12 Fitness Retreat is ready to kick your butt back into gear and get the fitness motivation spark burning bright. Unlike some of the other retreats, F12 isn’t about kicking back under the sunset, it’s about kicking some butt under the sunset. If you’re looking to become fitter, stronger, or transform your lifestyle, then this Spanish retreat is it. Calbanque National Park has an incredible coastline, which the retreat takes advantage of. Morning session on the beach are where it’s at, as well as lots of outdoor adventures to get your heart racing. If you’re in need of a good massage or mud treatment to soothe those sore muscles, F12 have you covered.

Activities: Weight training, tai chi, spin, aerobics, step, pilates, running, swimming, zumba, cardiotonic, facials, body scrub & massages.

Price: Singles $1195 & sharing $1195 (low season), singles $1295 & sharing $1295 (high season).

f12 retreattt f12.fitness.2


Okay, so if you’re anything like me right now, you’re literally planning the next 10 years of your life. How you’re going to possibly save up for all 5 (yep, it’s happening), who you’re going to bring with you, and when you’re going to jet off.



Kloe x


4 responses to “A Girl Can Dream: Top 5 Luxury Health & Fitness Holidays.

    • I’ve heard amazing things about Golden Door! I’d love to go there, but I’m the same – I would rather go overseas back to Europe with that money. This post was completely hypothetical! haha. 🙂

      Hope you’re having a lovely relaxing one too x

  1. The way you have described these I wNt to go xxxx travel writing May be your thing , imagine the trips you could go on xx

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