80s Spin Dance Party & This Crazy Weekend.

Good morning all, how are we this Easter long weekend?

One can only assume you’re fabulous and have already consumed your body weight in chocolate. I had a rather large Easter egg for breakfast yesterday, and while I wish I was kidding and could retain some dignity… nope. My excuse is that’s socially acceptable this weekend, in fact it’s necessary at some point over Easter 😉


{Proof: Tom and I’s post-dinner “treat” watching Frozen… yes, I could probably fit inside the egg. Minor details.}

On Thursday morning I was given the opportunity to head over to Vicious Cycle at Bondi Beach to try out one of the spin classes. It’s Sydney’s very first indoor cycling studio dedicated to purely that – so you really get a fantastic and intimate ride.


I decided to head to Vicious 80s, which is an incredible mix of fun 80s music and a sweaty spin workout. I adored the class, the owner Tanya took the time out to help us set up our bikes properly, and explain why it’s important. She also got to know a little about me and another blogger who were having our first ride there, which was lovely. It’s not often you get such a personalised experience like that at big gyms, and all throughout the class Tanya was able to focus on everyone individually, giving us encouragement and little tips along the way.


Not only that, but there was an amazing scene painted on the wall in glow in the dark paint, and there were screens set up on stage with flashing fluoro words letting you exactly what we were doing then and there. Throw in some 80s classics, like ‘She’s A Maniac’ and ‘Girls Just Want To Have Fun’ and you’ve got yourself one of the most enjoyable, but tough, cardio workouts you can get.

You know what’s super refreshing? No contracts or joining fees, you just pay per ride. Love it! I’d definitely recommend checking the little studio out and prepare yourself for a party and a workout in one. Thanks for having me, Vicious Cycle, I had a great morning! 🙂 Head over to their website to book in your next spin class.


{Tanya & I post-spin: sweaty messes. And it’s a V for vicious, duh. 😉 }

I’m so glad this weekend is here now. I definitely need a good few days to relax, rejuvenate, spend time with family, eating good food (read: lots of chocolate) and catching up.

Yesterday Tom and I braved the Sydney Royal Easter Show, but who knows why… it was a really hot day, and we picked the busiest day to check it out! But hey, it’s always fun snagging free food samples from the Woolworths Fresh Food Dome, and sussing out the show bags even though you’re at least 10 years too old to actually buy any 😛 I ended up grabbing the Cleo one with lots of mags I hadn’t read, so I’m a happy girl.

Today we’ve got a big one ahead. We’re getting ready for a party tonight, fitting in a gym session, baking for Easter (rather I am, Tom can be a taste tester or something!) and just running around generally like crazy people.

Hope you have an absolutely amazing Easter, enjoy the relaxation and time with family and friends. ❤

Speak after the Easter shenanigans!


Kloe x


2 responses to “80s Spin Dance Party & This Crazy Weekend.

  1. That spin studio looks amazing! Also I have definitely covered the body weight requirement of Easter chocolate eating 🙂 hope you had a great week!

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