The Fitness First Corporate Triathlon.

Nothing ruins your Friday like realising it’s Tuesday, amiright?!

But you know what? I’m actually not complaining for once, because I’ve got an amazing weekend planned, it’s definitely going to be a good one. Tom’s heading over on Thursday night, and I’m staying at his over the long Easter weekend! We’re going to be 10-year-olds and check out the Easter Show on Friday, which should be a lot of fun. We’ll feel a little elderly amongst the kiddos, but we both haven’t been in a few years and hey, what’s not to love about rides, show bags, winning giant stuffed toys and free food samples? Nothing. Exactly.

Then there’s a party on Saturday night, followed by a lovely Easter lunch at my family’s house on Sunday. Even though I’m not the biggest Easter person in the universe, I love the opportunity to spend some quality time with family… and eat some cheeky chocolate. Just being real here, guys. Don’t deny you hit that Lindt like there’s no tomorrow too. 😉 White chocolate is my absolute weakness, so any white chocolate bunnies better watch their back yo. 😛 But in all honesty, I’m really looking forward to a great weekend of no work, lots of time with Tom and the family, good food, relaxation, watching the latest Game of Thrones episode… what, who said that? Hehe. 😛



Rewinding to Sunday, as you guys know I participated in the Fitness First Corporate Triathlon National Series. It was a fantastic morning with a great buzzing atmosphere, and was incredibly well organised too. It was a super early morning, I was stumbling around in the dark with my iPhone maps out at 5.30am trying to locate Mrs Macquarie’s Point in the massive Botanical Gardens, but finally made it there alive. I was greeted by the PR consultant I’d been chatting to for weeks organising the event, and as soon as I met her we both kind of looked at eachother for a few seconds… then both said, “don’t I know you from somewhere?!” Turns out a couple of years back, we were both in a music clip together, Earth Boy’s ‘Knee Length Socks’ (so much fun filming, lots of long socks- obvs- and lame dancing). So that was a weird/funny moment!


{The swimmers killin’ it doing their thang in the harbour. Oh, and the torrential rain!}

I then headed to the Fitness First media team tent to pop on my 2XU uniform (damn that thing was tight!), meet my team member and get a briefing. I was paired up with a super-fit guy who’d just “casually” done a few triathlons before… you know, the usual. He covered the bike ride (9km) and swim (300m), and my little leg was the 3km run. I didn’t get a chance to train for the entire thing, but I’d love to tick a triathlon off my list someday, such a sense of achievement! When I got there, and for a few hours of waiting for my event, it was pouring. I mean the I-can’t-see-a-metre-in-front-of-me kind of rain, it was insanity! I really felt for the swimmers, but they were machines and just hopped into the harbour like it was no big deal! Respect. I’d be a little baby about it, that’s for sure.

By some miraculous twist of fate, the rain had stopped by the time it was my turn to shine huff and puff like a crazy person, scaring runners half to death when I was overtaking them. It’s been a long time since I’ve ran due to a nice little string of injuries (yay!), so it felt both amazing and super-hard to run again. I tell ya, running is tough. You really need a specific type of fitness that I’ll need to work on building up if Mum and I want to do the Blackmore’s Run or City 2 Surf later this year! But I love a challenge and it gives me something new to work towards. Let’s do this 😉


{Number 5070: done & dusted. And a leg #selfie to prove it, naturally}

No matter what event you’re racing in, it’s always an incredible feeling crossing the finish line, lungs and legs burning. Can you imagine doing that after a half or full marathon, after months and months of hardcore training?! You’d feel on top of the world. Next stop: half-marathon. 😛

After the biking/swimming/running shenanigans, we were greeted with lots of yummy goodies thanks to the caterers. Lots of wraps, fruit, mini quiches, fresh fruit juice… perfect re-fuel food. Get in mah belleh. All in all, it was a really enjoyable morning, and it was a lot of fun to get a little competitive in a team, it’s been a while since I played team sports! (aka circa 2000, netball in school haha). Thanks Fitness First for organising it all, you did an awesome job! Would love to tackle the entire triathlon next year for sure. 😀

Now, I’m off the Apple store to get this bloody charger sorted finally… and there may or may not be some sneaky window shopping involved too. Hey, when in Rome/the shopping centre. 😉

Have a lovely week and shall chat to you soon!

What events have you been a part of before?
I’ve done lots of fun runs, and the Nike She Runs the Night event in 2012 which was soo much fun, I loved it!

Would you ever consider doing a triathlon?!
The whole hog intimidates me a bit… but I’d love love love to do smaller one like the one I was a part of to get a little taste 🙂 Biking (apart from spin classes) and swimming aren’t really my thing!


Kloe x


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