Lately: My Incredible Birthday & Australian Fitness Week Fun.

Hello lovely people 🙂

How are we all on this splendid Hump Day? …Wow, 2 words/phrases I never use, in one sentence. That made me sound like a snobby super-rich lady swirling wine in a glass, pinky out… and I promise not to do that to you again. 😛

It’s been a while since I’ve caught up with you guys (aka probably like a week, I have attachment issues okay?), so let’s debrief, shall we? Last Thursday on the 3rd of April it was my actual birthday – not to be confused with my 21st celebrations the weekend before 😉 By the way, did I tell you guys I lost my iPhone? Yep, true story. In between multiple cocktails and glasses of champers, and I recall playing on a swing in a park at 2am with Tom, it went AWOL. My baby disappeared. I had to rock a Nokia circa 1999 for a week before I was able to snag a new iPhone 5S. It was a tough and mentally challenging week, I’ll tell you that much… moral of the story? This girl isn’t allowed cocktails.


{One of my favourite ever photos: three generations of Sampson ladies, and the women I look up to most in life. So much love in this photo! 🙂 }

Anyway, back to the day of my birthday: it was absolutely perfect. I spent a day with the two most amazing, most important ladies in my life, my Mum and Nan. We headed over to Endota Spa in the city for an hour-long relaxation massage, which was exactly what we all needed I think. The experience was phenomenal, I don’t get massages very often as they’re pretty exxy, but they’re fantastic for special occasions or when you just, simply, really need one. Hey, we all do sometimes 🙂 We all left feeling completely blissed out, but insanely hungry. So, we headed eagerly to the Park Royal Hyatt on the Harbour for the high tea we had booked in.

Just, wow. I felt like an absolute princess and so spoilt, sippin’ champagne with a view like this. Oh hey there, Sydney Opera House and a massive ship that appeared somewhat… lost? Haha.

champers at high tea


Can we take a moment to appreciate the never-ending tiers of delicious little treats? You guys, I must have eaten close to entire one of these babies. There was no stopping me. Don’t worry, we had two between us 😉 There was this macadamia praline cheesecake that was hands down one of the best things I’ve ever tasted. I don’t joke about such things, either… c’mon now, it’s me 😉 There were little raspberry tarts, chocolate ganache bites, macarons, little sandwiches and wraps… perfect way to end the day, it does not get much better than that. I got home feeling completely satisfied, and completely grateful. Thanks Mum and Nan for the wonderful day. ❤

high tea goodies



On a bit of a different note, let’s go straight from copious amounts of alcoholic beverages and cakes to fitness… I know, a bit of a shock to the system! This week over at Fitness First, it’s Australian Fitness Week: a whole week dedicated to celebrating being active, getting moving, getting sweaty, and living your best, healthiest life. The doors are even open to the public, so head on in and join in the workshops and classes available for anyone! You can also get some awesome expert advice to help you on your fitness journey, and to  keep you smashing those goals of yours.

Each day of the week, there’s an exciting theme with lots of activities to get involved in. I’m like a kid in a candy store, there’s just too much to do! This morning Mum and I got up when it was still dark, bumping into stuff, yawning like a champ etc (you know how it is), and headed to an outdoor yoga session. In the park. With the most beautiful sunrise. Followed by a cappuccino as big as my head. It was the best start to the day, to say the least.



{“Life is getting up an hour earlier, to live an hour more.” – Unknown}


This is an awesome shot from this morning that I found on the Fitness First Instagram (you can follow them at: @fitnessfirstau). I don’t make a sneaky appearance in this one, however, since I was probably mid-stack that can’t be a bad thing… just quietly. 😉

A beautiful start to our Wednesday, and a much-needed Zen moment before the Fitness First Corporate Triathlon this Sunday! I’m participating in the running leg of the race, and I’m a big ball of nerves and excitement (please don’t trip, please don’t trip, please don’t trip…). Should be loads of fun, and a great way to finish Australian Fitness Week with a bang. Wish me luck! You’ll hear about it that evening anyway, no doubt 🙂

Hope you’re all enjoying your week… two days to go, you’ve got this! Tom’s heading up this weekend for a footy match so I get to spend some time with him just watching the new Game of Thrones episode (IS IT GOOD?! Wait, no one tell me ANYTHING! #beyondexcited) and maybe going out for dinner and just relaxing. Keen for it 🙂


Kloe x


4 responses to “Lately: My Incredible Birthday & Australian Fitness Week Fun.

    • Thanks! It’s such a lovely photo to have, of all three generations. 🙂

      I know, I was devastated about the phone! My phone is my baby, haha. Felt so lost. But I was near the end of my contract, so I was able to pay a small fee to get out of that one, and start a new one with the 5s! Worked out weirdly well, so I was happy.

      Not sure how that yogi is doing it… I’ve only just gotten into yoga myself, and have such a long way to go. Love it though!

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