Spill It, Sundays: Hey, I’m Kloe, and I’m a Carboholic.

Some people hate Sundays with a passion, and I’m over here all “oh Sunday please never leave me, let’s elope.”
There’s just something so nice about a day dedicated to slowing down, rejuvenating, and getting ready for another busy week ahead.

I hopped out of bed this morning for a 9am cycle class (which almost killed me because my legs are still jelly from yesterday’s weight training), and I honestly find that whenever I exercise early in the morning, it really sets me up for a productive and positive day. I’ m currently sitting here planning my week (because I’m the world’s biggest organisational freak, I’m calling it!), with a coffee in hand.



{I’m also a sucker for cute stationary, what of it? Oh, and coffee. Always coffee.}

And now I’m about to join the ‘Spill It, Sundays’ link-up with Arman from The Big Man’s World, and basically profess my love for carbs. Then, I’m finishing up the day with a cute coffee date with my mum and little brother. 🙂

In conclusion, today is lovely. And Sundays, I don’t hate you, I’m sorry you’re so underrated.


So, let’s get onto one of the greatest things in the world: carbohydrates.
Anyone who knows me at all, knows I’m a self-confessed carboholic, and it’s my hands-down, favourite macronutrients. Carbs just make me (and my stomach and my muscles) pretty freakin’ happy. So, carbs, this post’s for you! (cue love song dedication ballad).

1. What is your all time favourite carbohydrate based food/dish?

Oh wow, where do I even start… I’m going to have to separate this into “naughty” and “nice” I’m thinking!
Nice (or healthy) would be:
A whopping big sanga (sandwich, for the non-Aussies or just non-patriotic Aussies…) filled to the brim with roasted veggies, hummus and pesto. Or another combo of chicken and avocado. Sandwiches in general are my all-time favourite lazy girl meal! Works everytime.

And I’d be crazy to ignore all those good “naughty” (per se) carb-based meals, even though moderation is key in a healthy, balanced lifestyle!
My vote goes to pizza, pancakes and hot chips/fries. Will never get old, forever my weaknesses.


2. What is your favourite fruit?

BANANAS! (No Gwen Stefani, didn’t ask for your spelling lesson, go home.)

I literally didn’t even think about that, I just blurted it out. Bananas are such a great source of carbohydrates and potassium, and there are so, so many ways to use them – most versatile fruit, in my humble opinion. 🙂 Great for adding to baking, brekkie cereal/oats, smothered in nut butter or as a pre-workout snack, the options are endless.

In fact, I made this incredible gluten-free banana bread on Thursday. I can’t even. There are no words. Prime example.


3. What is your favourite grain?

As I alluded to with my sandwich obsession, I’m bread’s biggest fan. Coming in a close second would have to be oats, not going to lie. I’m fairly sure I have at least one serving of oats AND bread a day. S**t’s getting real here.



4. What is your favourite starchy vegetable?

I’m agreeing whole-heartedly with Arman here: the potato. No, not a sweet potato, organic/carb-free potato, or purple potato (..may have made those up, but you get the picture). I’m showing my love for the simple, humble, white one.

Yeah sure, it may not be considered “healthy” or “the right kind of carbs” in the healthy living/blogging world, but I’m basically saying… screw that. White potatoes conjure up so many memories for me, like when my Nan takes takes them out of the oven on Christmas Day, all crispy and buttery. Eating hot chips on the beach as a kid, watching the sunset and feeling completely content. They’ll always have a bit of a special spot in my heart, and make me a tad nostalgic. ❤


{Balmoral beach in Sydney: I’ve spent many hot summer afternoons here, hot chips in hand. Quintessentially Aussie}

5. Which carb receives unfair flack? Which carb is most overrated?

Le sigh. Definitely bread.
It makes me want to tear my hair out/throw slices of bread at haters. There’s recently been this huge movement in the healthy living sphere about bread, specifically the gluten and wheat it contains, and how it’s essentially the “devil” and toxic. Now, I understand that if there’s a genuine intolerance involved, it may in fact be a pretty evil product for those people.

However, for everyone else, there is absolutely no reason to have to cut out gluten and wheat (which involves bread) for your “health.” Wholegrains, such as bread which contains wheat, are a perfectly good source of complex carbohydrates, especially for those who live an active life. In saying that, I’m not ignoring other great carbohydrates, like brown rice, millet, amaranth and quinoa… which do happen to be gluten-free. It’s all about (yep, I’ll say it again) a healthy balance and enjoying carbs from all sources.

Plus, I know I’d be pretty damn miserable if I cut out all gluten sources (read: bread) without medically needing to. 😉


6. Link up a favourite carb embracing recipe (it can be your own or another bloggers!)

These oatmeal banana pancakes stuffed with pumpkin-peanut butter filling sound like a heavenly carb-fest I could get used to every morning. How’s that sound for a wake-up call and start to the day?!

Kylie from ‘Yeah… Imma Eat That’ continues to amaze me with her foodie creations. Check these decadent, delicious-looking babies and tell me you don’t want them in and around your mouth.



7. What is YOUR perception of this macronutrient?

As I’ve kinda made pretty clear by now, I’m a massive advocate of carbohydrates. I honestly believe that they’re an essential macronutrient in any healthy diet. They’re so important for energy, balancing hormones, recovery post-workout, maintaining a stable blood sugar level and satisfaction from our meals.

And hey, while I’m at it, here’s a fun carb fact: 70% of the body’s glucose is burned up by the brain! So carbs are the key to optimal brain function… which is always probably a good thing, let’s be honest. 😉

8. What benefits do CARBS play in YOUR personal eating habits?

I know that personally, if I’m not eating enough carbs, I’m grouchy, moody, sleepy and to be honest, feel pretty down. For no apparent reason… other than carb deprivation, of course! I need carbs for effective, powerful workouts, and I also need them for hormone regulation (like all women do – depriving yourself of carbs can wreak serious havoc on your hormones). Also – it’s gotta be mentioned that I need carbs simply because I love them, and they make me happy 🙂

I have a source of carbs with every meal of the day, and yes… even after 6pm (shock and horror!) Carbohydrates will not automatically be stored as body fat, just because they’re carbs. Body fat is simply excess energy that your body isn’t using, which can come from any macronutrient source. So carbs aren’t necessarily little creatures that squeal (in little creature voices) “let’s make ALL the fat, now we’ve been eaten!” …Nup. Doesn’t happen.
As always, I believe a diet with moderation and balance of all the macronutrients is optimal for health. 🙂

Now, over to you guys:
What’s your favourite meal involving the good stuff (aka carbs)?
Which carbohydrate do you feel gets an unfairly bad rap?
What benefits to you get from adding carbs to your meals everyday?


Kloe x



3 responses to “Spill It, Sundays: Hey, I’m Kloe, and I’m a Carboholic.

  1. Bread is a pre-ed favorite and I still majorly fear carbs, So am working on that. Love that you advocate for the yummy carbohydrate, because you are right, health and media and an arrangement of people preach that carbs (especially bread) are the devil/ you will die / and gain a bazillion kilos eating it. Now it’s singed in my brain *starts crying*. Really craving me a yummy pesto/pumpkin/chicken toastie now.. Mmmmm…

    • Bread is hands down my favourite food, there’s just so much room for activities/so much to do with it! hahah. 😛
      I know, completely agree – it gets me so angry because the people preaching their own opinion on carbs being horrible have completely unfounded, unsupported claims, and are not basing anything on science. Then as a result, so many people are vulnerable to falling victim to the false preaching! Gaaaaaah. Frustration to the max. I mean, honestly, I eat majority of my diet carbs, and I’m fine and not dying a slow painful death – which would in fact, ironically, be me if i DIDN’T eat carbs. People just need to be more informed, I think. Meanwhile, I’m drooling over your toastie suggestion… what an amazing combo! On it. 😉


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