Mid-Week Surprises Make Hump-Day Better.

So on Monday, I was checking out the week ahead and things were looking decidedly crapola: I’m back at uni now, and I’ve got (HOPEFULLY) only one more semester to get through of Journalism. Then I’m planning to start Exercise and Sport Science in the second half of the year. It’s going to take a lot of tough love from myself to get through the next 10ish weeks, I’m telling ya…

I have this thing where if I come to the conclusion my heart’s not in something, or I just don’t want to do it… I kinda just… don’t. I can really foresee me being the stubborn Aries I am, and being all “but I don’t wanna!”, throw a tantrum, and not put my all into the assessments. Gotta keep reminding myself that this is the last little bridge to cross before I’m doing what I want! Hang in there, tiger. Hang in there. (just casually pep-talking myself on my own blog… this is what it’s come to people) 😉
Just when I was feeling like throwing in the towel and eating ice-cream out the tub, I got a exciting package of goodies from the new Kmart fitness range! Ah Kmart, swooping in and saving the day, I owe ya! … a bite of my ice-cream. Maybe. If I’m feeling generous.



Bridget Jones knows what’s up (me, right now. All day, erryday).

Anyway, back to my awesome surprise in the mail. Kmart have released a brand new fitness range to inspire people to reach their fitness goals, offering cute items for your journey at an affordable price. I mean c’mon, as much as I love Lorna Jane and Lululemon, I’ll buy a piece and be living on the streets for approximately 3.5 weeks. The struggle is real. This is where Kmart comes in to solve this dilemma! Cute fitness things that get me pumped up and ready to go, but I can actually buy? Sign. Me. Up.

Check out what I got:



  • Sports bra
  • Gym leggings/capris
  • Gym tank
  • Weighted skipping rope
  • Weekly exercise/meal planner
  • Spotty ankle socks
  • 900ml drink bottle (I probably needed this the most… it’s a sign I need to start drinking water more!)
  • Beauty wipes
  • Melon shower gel
  • Paw paw ointment
  • In-ear headphones
  • Little sweat towel
  • PLUS a cute leopard print bag to pop it all in – set to go!




Thanks so much, Kmart! I’m in love with everything and can’t wait to put it all to good use (aka cover it in sweat, let’s me real here) at the gym soon! I’m digging all the bright, bold colours – everyone who’s seen me working out knows I don’t wear anything else. I have to be blinding everyone, I accept nothing less, haha. 🙂

What are your must-have gym bag essentials?
You’re hands down favourite active wear brand?
Any secret gym beauty tips I should know about?!


Kloe x



2 responses to “Mid-Week Surprises Make Hump-Day Better.

  1. What an awesome haul of stuff they sent you. So cool 🙂 I love lulu lemon but when it comes to gym gear I am sometimes more about quantity than quality ya know? 🙂

    Good luck with the study! I am an aries too so I hear you but apply the stubbornness to not letting it get the better of you.

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