A Few Big Life Decisions in 12 Hours.

So I’m currently sitting here, probably looking like a dishevelled zombie at 11.32pm – exhausted, sure, but just can’t sleep.

It’s been one of the most stressful days in a long time. One full of decisions and soul-searching, and really deciding what direction I want to go now with my studies, and in the end, my career. I’ve decided that journalism just isn’t for me: I’m not cut out for it, and it’s time to move on from a course that I just can’t muster the passion for, no matter how hard I try.

As you all know, I’ve got a big passion for health and fitness (hence the blog!), and so I’ve started looking into options in that field. So far, I’m thinking Exercise and Sport Science, which will qualify me for a whole variety of careers in that arena.

The steps to now get my shiz together are the following:

  1. Decide which uni I want to go to
  2. Find out if said uni can take me in Semester 2 this year
  3. Hopefully get an offer
  4. Finally have said shiz together
  5. Proceed to victory dance. Intensely.


In a way, having this epic realisation today I think is a blessing in disguise – the event that made me question it all came a month before I’d be locked in for another year. Plus, it’s made me re-evaluate what I truly want to do, and what job I can go to everyday feeling excited and passionate. Hey, I’m young, I’ve still got enough time to change career paths… and people do it everyday. I mean, how often does someone strike gold in their very first uni course and fall madly in love with it? I don’t think I know one person, come to think of it.

So, all in all it’s worked out kinda alright – I’m finally pulling myself together and doing something I’ve been meaning to do for a while. You know what that is? Being honest with myself. Admitting that I’m not cut out for it, and that’s okay – you can’t be everything. Everyone has their own thang that they rock, whether it be writing news stories, battling it out in a courtroom, cooking up a storm in the kitchen (which, incidentally is definitely not mine). It’s what makes us all us, keepin’ the world interesting. How boring would it be if there only were 7 billion doctors in the world, nothing else? Pretty damn uninteresting.


Just a self-portrait, no biggie. #accurate #minusthefur

{And just as a slight (rather embarrassing) side note: I’m secretly a massive science and/or research nerd. I did lots of science in my final year of high school and just had a thing for it, still do!}

…But you didn’t hear that last thing from me.

Have you ever changed career paths?
Are you in a job that you love and are completely passionate about? What did it take to get to where you are today?

I’m off to attempt this thing called “sleep” …


Kloe x


6 responses to “A Few Big Life Decisions in 12 Hours.

  1. It’ll all work out lovely, go with your gut feeling. I just left my course, booked flights home and decided to study online – can’t even think about it right now, so stressful and don’t want to keep studying here incase I fall out of love with it due to the head fuck its causing me. Anyway, what I’m trying to say is It WILL work out the way its meant too 🙂 you’re young, inspiring, beautiful and motivating ❤ chin up, keeping smiling X

    • Oh Sharna, you’re such a beautiful soul! I know exactly how you feel. But at least you know that you will be so much happier at home, right? And that’s what’s most important – there are always options to study from there and pursue your career 🙂 It’s all so scary and stressful jumping into the unknown, but I feel better already cutting off a course I’m not passionate about. You too lovely, keep smiling ❤ x

  2. Darling you are extremely brave as well as mature in this decision. I changed careers at 40 and am doing that now at the age of 68. Good luck in your decision. I agree you have to be passionate at what you do. Xxx

  3. changed careers at 40 and took on a challenging course but after a three year slog and times when i wanted to give up im a qualified electrician and loving my new path, its never too late to make a change 🙂

    • Hi Dad,

      Oh so good to hear, it’s stories like these that keep me motivated to change paths and not stress too much about it! Glad you’re enjoying your new career and it was all worth it in the end 🙂

  4. One of my latest blog posts was all about how I changed career paths but it was definitely a good decision for me. I think it is the right call for you too as your passion for health and fitness is obvious 🙂

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