Spill It, Sundays: The Shuffle Edition.

Whoa, hold up.

Was it not Sunday, like, 3 days ago, when I did my first Spill It, Sundays link-up? Where did this Sunday come from? Sneaky bugger… (note: my excessive use of the word ‘Sunday’ deserves some kind of award).


Accurate. The struggle is real.


But it’s all good, because I’ve got Spill It, Sundays (hosted by Arman) to dull the pain of impending doom (aka the working week), and brighten up my Sunday with a bunch of random, fun questions.

This week, I’m shuffling up my iTunes and seeing what pops up. You guys get a sneak peak into my music collection… so I’m just warning you now, at least 40% of the songs are incredibly embarrassing and shouldn’t see the light of day. Please keep calm and carry on if (and when, bound to happen) a Miley Cyrus song comes up.

Unless you see me twerking in public. Definitely say something then.


Song #1: Never Grow Up – Taylor Swift

Oh come on, no one can deny they love a bit of T-Swifty every now and again. It’s about a mum singing to her baby, wishing she’d stay that little and cute and innocent and not get hurt later in life, or grow apart from her mum.
Bottom line: it’s adorable, and consequently, I’m a blubbering mess. I’m already embarrassing myself, let’s move on. 😛

Song #2: Give Your Heart a Break – Demi Lovato

Yep, looks like we’re continuing with the embarrassing poppy songs theme – you caught me. I actually really like Demi Lovato, but mainly because she’s, in my opinion, an amazing role model for young girls. She’s tackled her own demons, and come out the other side stronger, knowing who she really is, and determined to teach self-love. We need more celebrities who are as real and genuine as her.

Song #3: Work B*tch – Britney Spears

Before you write me off, this is seriously a fantastic workout song. It gets me pumped up every single time!
… and I just try not to think about the fact that she’s sexily dancing on an expensive car wearing a blonde wig, when she’s like 40 with 2 kids.

Song #4: Sometimes – Miami Horror (Ministry of Sound remix)

I love this song! There’s something amazing about the Ministry of Sound annuals, that make you want to drop everything and whip out your best (read: worst) dance moves… in the privacy of your room, so as not to alarm the public. And so you can wear your onesie/undies while doing so.

Song #5: Skinny Love – Birdy

Possibly one of my favourite songs. Ever. It’s got this really unique, haunting feel to it. I’m that in love with it that I’ve got both versions: the original by Bon Iver, and this one. It’s the best song to chill out, and I often crank it when I’m feeling stressed and need to relax.


Well, now that I’ve been stripped of all dignity and you know what’s hiding in the dark depths of my iTunes, have a lovely Sunday!

It’s all rainy over here, and as tempting as it is to hang inside and drink coffee… I’m going to drag my sorry butt to the gym and do some much-needed shopping. 🙂


Kloe x


5 responses to “Spill It, Sundays: The Shuffle Edition.

  1. Hope you enjoy the gym and shopping! Love your list of songs, I will always heart Britney, then now and forever 😉 haha no shame!

    I have lately been loving me some Daft Punk, Lorde and Lana Del Ray but my favourite thing is actually listening to Pandora and it recommending new songs. If you haven’t made your own station you should give it a try!

    Happy Sunday!

    • hahah as much as we all don’t want to admit it – Britney does have some amaze classics that will forever be getting me through my workouts, not gonna lie!

      Daft Punk I’m actually getting into, they’re great. Lorde is so fantastic, and can you believe she’s only 16?! She shot to fame so quickly!

      Oh I hear great things about Pandora, I must get into that 🙂

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