My fitting session at Athlete’s Foot with Mizuno

Let’s call this part 2 or my “finding your perfect running shoes” series, shall we? I’m sensing just a little bit of a theme here!

Yesterday I was lucky enough to get a detailed fitting session at Athlete’s Foot, which was organised by Sally from Mizuno. I headed in to a store in the city, and had a chat to Sally – she is not only in marketing for the brand, but is also a podiatrist! I was then introduced to Brent, an employee at Athlete’s Foot who coaches running as well. I think it’s safe to say, I was definitely in good hands! Between the two of them, they helped me find the Mizuno running shoe that would best suit my feet.

They have a brand-new, state of the art shoe-fitting technology that’s just been introduced (called Fitzi) that tells you everything you need to know in order to pick out the right shoes. It’s got a rear camera that actually films you walking and replays it, and a pressure platform tracking the way your foot moves as it hits the ground, and when standing.




Here’s the interesting/random things I learnt about my feet:

  • My achilles tendons are on slight curves, probably due to my arches being low.
  • When I walk, I place one foot directly in front of the other – ideally, you’re actually meant to place it slightly out to the side.
  • When I put my foot down on the floor mid-walk, I start with my heel to the floor first, then the outside part of my foot, followed by the ball.
  • I sweep my right leg out much further to the side when walking than my left leg.
  • Due to my previous injuries (stress fracture) it seems I place too much pressure on one leg when I walk or run.

Now, that is a lot of info about yourself/your running style, and to get all of that from a shoe store is absolutely fantastic. This is what separates Athlete’s Foot from their competitors – the incredible service and the latest science behind it all.


I ended up going with the Mizuno Wave Inspire 10, which has more bang for it’s buck in terms of stability as it’s a super-lightweight shoe. It felt like I was walking on clouds, whilst still giving my the support I need for a better run. With these babies, I’m able to both put in the miles if I’m training for something, as well as do speedwork – they’re a truly versatile shoe.

Thanks so much to Sally from Mizuno and Brent from Athlete’s Foot, I couldn’t have asked for a more insightful shoe-fitting and better service. I learnt so many things about my feet/style in an hour that will help me for years and years to come to make the most out of my running. 🙂


Ready to go!

What have you found about your feet or running gait that’s helped you?
Ever been to a podiatrist?


Kloe x




3 responses to “My fitting session at Athlete’s Foot with Mizuno

  1. I’ve been fitted for shoes at a ‘running company’ store, that have cameras & treadmills in store – as well as an athletes foot. both were great service and its awesome to know you are picking the right shoe for your foot!

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