2014: The Year of You & an Exciting Giveaway

The new year is a magical time, sparkling with the promise of smashing goals and generally kicking life’s butt.

You get this renewed determination, so often lost in the flurry of pavlova and eggnog during the silly season… we’ve all been there. Without the blur of Christmas lights, though, we can see where we want to be this year. Half the fun is figuring out a way to get there!

I’m set on making 2014 my best year yet, so over the last few weeks, I’ve been brainstorming some of my health and fitness goals.
So, here’s my grand plan for the “Year of Me” (aka 2014):

1. Get back into my running groove.

I’ve been kicked out of the running game for over a year due to a string of injuries, and I miss it more than ever. It used to be my go-to way to workout and way to let off steam – nothing compares to that runner’s high! So this year, I’m going to get my run back on!



2. Practice yoga once a week.

I’ve had a pretty rocky relationship with yoga, kind of getting into it off and on, a few classes here and there… but never really committing. I’ve heard about all the life-changing benefits, from stretching and strengthening, to injury prevention and relaxation, and it sounds pretty damn good. It’s time to dedicate myself to at least 1 class a week.



3. Focus on my eating: think adding more to my day, rather than taking things away.

With all the information out there about what we “shouldn’t eat”, “should cut from our diet”, etc, it’s easy to get sucked into restricting things you probably secretly adore. This year, I want to focus on adding health to my day, whenever I can – I’m talking green juices with brekkie, or having cut-up veggies on hand to snack on, and other sneaky ways to amp up the nutrition in my day. However, my daily cappuccino and a few pieces of chocolate ain’t going anywhere. Girl needs treats! 😉



4. Start following that weight lifting program I’ve been meaning to.

Sometime last year I was trawling through Bodybuilding.com to find a weights program to suit my goals, which were to build lean muscle and tone up. I wanted a plan that split body parts into days, for example, on Wednesdays, we do “leg day” (sly Mean Girls reference!). Sure enough, I was able to enter my stats and goals to personalise a program, and I was so excited to get stuck into it – except one small detail: I just… didn’t. So this year, I’m going to get on that!

Now, just to continue on with the New Year high, in partnership with Fitness First I’m running an incredible giveaway! These gems will help you in your journey to a fitter, healthier you this year, and keep that energy buzzing.

Fitness First has recently made their own #changeforthebest, introducing some exciting new initiatives:

1. The option to pay as you go
2. The New You awards to help motivate Aussies everywhere to stay true to their health & fitness resolutions

To celebrate, one lucky winner will receive the following prize pack:

fitness first giveaway

Samsung Galaxy Tab 8GB 3 7″
Nice Asana Jacket by Lululemon
The Pure Mat 3mm by Lululemon
Women’s Fitness subscription 

To enter, leave a comment below with your top 3 health and fitness goals of 2014, or what you want to achieve this year.
Unfortunately, only my Australian readers can enter, but I’d still love to hear from my international readers anyway!

The competition will close at 12am on the 1st of February, and then I’ll be judging the responses and picking a winner.
Best of luck everyone!

So, let’s kick this exciting competition off:
What are your health and fitness goals of 2014?
What would you like to achieve this year?


Kloe x


13 responses to “2014: The Year of You & an Exciting Giveaway

  1. My three new years fitness resolutions/goals are (insert drumroll here)
    1. Re-achieve my previous figure – and actually appreciate how far and how hard I worked this time (too much chocolate and mcdonald’s undid my progress booooo)
    2. Be able to run 5kms. I’ve always wanted to be able to run since I was a little girl in school that couldn’t quite keep up in the cross country!
    3. Feed my body good stuff – avoid all the over processed, sugar loaded junk.

    Loved the post Kloe!

    • Hey Sarah,

      I feel the same after Christmas and a month in Europe, the food there was way too good to resist! Right back into it now though 🙂
      5kms is an awesome starting distance – I’m in the same boat and will be starting right from the beginning again, a few years ago I did the 13km Nike She Runs race! Hopefully I can do it again this year or the next.
      Best of luck love!

  2. It was so hard to narrow it down to just three! But here mine are. Ali’s three health & fitness goals of 2014 *drummmm rollll*
    (1) My first and foremost goal is to eat. As silly as that may seem, somewhere along the way it stopped being natural to me. I will not count calories or weigh my food. I will fuel my body – fuel it with vegetables & chocolate & coffee & love. Minus the guilt.
    (2) Balance – I want to find balance. In all aspects of life. Health. Fitness. Work. Study. Friendships.
    (3) My third and final goal is to use my writing skills & experiences to advocate for women and young girls with eating disorders. I want to advocate for better treating facilities and to challenge/change the misconceptions and stereotypes associated with eating disorders. I think 2014 needs to be the year for body love and NOT body shaming – I’m tired of seeing constant weight loss segments on the television. It’s not about blaming just the media, it’s about changing EVERYONE’s perceptions, only then can change really happen.


    I can’t wait to read everyone else’s responses. Whatever people’s goals, best of luck.
    & Kloe you’re going to kick 2014’s butt, I can see it now 😉 x

    • Amazing response Ali! I could not agree more with every word you just said.
      It’s time we make a drastic change and start a body love revolution, just like you I am so over the media crushing the self-esteem and self-worth of women – forcing unrealistic expectations on them. It’s certainly started a war between women and their bodies, and it’s not okay.
      That’s definitely one of the most important #changesforthebest that need to happen!

  3. I always want to weep when I see young girls/boys trying to achieve the “perfect body”; they put so much pressure on themselves. There are the continual mixed messages in the media, especially when the fast food companies portray all their fast food ads using “beautiful” people; and the next ad advertising fitness products to get back into that bikini etc; then there is all the diet meals delivered to the door.

    I wish there were ads advocating staying healthy and love yourself as you are. My 2014 wish for all of young women and men is to see all the wonderful talents they have and bask in the glory of a wonderful life.

    • I loved this entry, Nan!
      It is no wonder that so many young people these days are constantly feeling inadequate and like they’re not worthy just as they are – the media focuses so intensely on making yourself “better” or more “lovable”. it’s very sad and I hope that we can all spread a self- love message!

  4. What a sweet giveaway! My fitness goals (that I blogged at the start of the year) are:
    1) May 2014: Blood Sweat & Fears OR INBA NT Fitness Model competition
    2) 2 June 2014: City to Surf NT 12.7km (Sub 70mins)
    3) Deadlift 110kg

  5. I love your goals, and the fact that you have made them public makes you accountable.
    For me I want to really focus on nutrition for my endurance events.
    I also want to get a 1h45m time for the half marathon.
    But my biggest goal is to transition my family to gluten free & then paleo.

  6. I have implemented a series of challenges for my family and I to try and achieve this year, and they are:
    Challenge one’ll be:
    A family dance-off on the Wii.
    Healthy challenge number two:
    More fruits and veggies -long overdue!
    Challenge three leaves me puffing,
    Exercises for body buffing!
    Challenge number four:
    Soft drinks, cordials, out the door.
    Challenge five just for dad,
    Quit smoking, you won’t go mad!
    Challenge six swap white to brown,
    Helps keep the GI down.
    Challenge seven awaits,
    Hit the pavement on skates!
    Challenge eight have more giggles,
    Really tightens all that jiggles.
    Challenge nine swap more for less,
    Its the hardest, I confess!
    Challenge ten, last not least
    Only one chocolate, NOT a feast!

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