Cafe Hopping: About Life Natural Marketplace

Whenever I discover a little gem of a cafe, I instantly have this urge to whip out my phone and snap pictures and share it with you guys – despite onlookers appearing pretty darn confused.

I’m just waiting for the day I get arrested for being a complete creeper! Or the day I see signs scattered around Sydney warning people of the weird chick with the phone camera. 😉

Now that you know what I go through (potential arrest, guaranteed loss of dignity), you’ll have to go and check out About Life. It’s only fair! Haha. Lucky for you, it was incredible, so that shouldn’t be too hard. 😉


My gorgeous friend Izzy showed me this place yesterday over on the North Shore. We caught up for a good ol’ chat, which quickly turned from: “2014 is going to be our year! Just you wait!” to: “…hey, want to go halves in that banana bread? It’s been staring me down all morning.”

Organic fair trade coffee & coconut sugar-free smoothie

Organic fair trade coffee & coconut sugar-free smoothie

This place is incredible. Not only is it a cafe, but it’s also a natural marketplace and body wellness bar all in one. After our chat over some bevvies, we checked out the aisles and aisles of natural products. They were all wholefood, nutritious goodies, and so many items were ones that are stocked no where else.

They’re from overseas and things I ‘d usually buy from iHerb: think natural nut butters, cliff bars, coconut & peanut flour, activated nuts, granolas… there was also a hefty supply of Pana and Loving Earth chocolate, which are by far my favourite brands!

I may have almost cried when I realised if I let loose, I’d have to build a new room onto my apartment purely for my loot. (sadface) But I did pick up some peanut butter (standard) and a Cliff bar to try. You can also snap up some sneaky organic and chemical free produce while you’re at it.

about life

Already dug into it, clearly. Calm down, Kloe!

Already dug into it, clearly. Calm down, Kloe!


I’ll definitely be heading back to About Life to try out their menu, I’m definitely expecting great things! You can find one of these natural marketplaces tucked away in Cammeray, Rozelle and Bondi Junction. If you’re keen to experience it all for yourself, head over to their website to find out the deets. 🙂

Now I’m off to work to brave the holiday season in retail – Wish me luck!

I’d love to know of some great little nutrition/wholefood focused cafes like this one! Which ones have you discovered, and recommend?
What do you look for in a cafe/eatery when you’re heading out for a bite?
What are your favourite health food products?


Kloe x


One response to “Cafe Hopping: About Life Natural Marketplace

  1. Looks like a great place! If I ever go back to Sydney I’ll check it out for sure. I haven’t been yet but apparently The Staple Store shop in Melbourne is pretty amazing for great produce.

    I go to Evelyn Faye in the city here when I want things like coconut oil etc but like you I use iHerb for the things I just can’t find anywhere else.

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