Christmas Gift Guide: Health & Fitness Edition

I don’t know if anyone else has noticed…

…but it seems Christmas is just over 3 weeks away. What happened? Where am I? What even is life?!
I think I must have blinked sometime back in July or something, and opened my eyes to an inflatable Santa invading my personal space in the supermarket. This year has escalated so quickly, and I cannot believe how fast 2013 has gone by!

Now, I’ll be the first to admit I’m not one to wrap my entire house in tinsel and pump Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You” across the neighbourhood and/or whole universe, but I adore Christmastime.
There’s just something about the festive spirit, the collective joy and the smiling faces. I love the chance we get to reflect on the year, and spend time with the friends and family we cherish the most. There’s just so much warm-and-fuzzy I can’t even take it. Tacky candy cane dangly earrings not even necessary.

All the warm-and-fuzzies and pudding aside, gift shopping can be a bit of a killer. You either have no idea what to buy, or you buy something and fall so deeply in love with it, that you keep it – bringing you back to square one. We’ve all been there! I’ve decided to pop together a few little gift guides with different themes for the people in your life, and hopefully you get a few good ideas from it!

Kicking things off, is of course, the health and fitness edition. Here’s a teeny snippet of some things I wouldn’t mind to see under my Christmas tree to help kick off an active, health-focussed year in 2014, or to continue the awesome habits that have already been made! There’s a great mix of different priced items to suit any budget.

Enjoy – and then proceed to spend ALL the money on ALL the things. Don’t say I didn’t warn you… call this a disclaimer, if you will. 😉

health and fitness gift guide

1) Lorna Jane Sunrise Bra, $65.99

This gorgeous gym staple is an amazing pop of colour under a singlet. It’s got medium support, and is made in Lorna Jane’s renowned Excel and mesh fabric – designed especially to wick that sweat away from the skin, and stay dry and breathable. I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with the bold hue and detailed overlay!

2) Lululemon 3mm Pure Yoga Mat, $39.00

Anyone you know a seasoned yogi? Or are determined to become a super-flexy yoga expert by the end of 2014?! Then this handy little mat is perfect for them. It’s extra-cushy and grippy, so it’s great for those upside-down moments where you need all the support you can get. It’s also got an antimicrobial additive to help keep away that mould – a yoga mat that’s both really smart and hygienic? Doesn’t get much better than that. Comes in fantastic bold colours.

3) Batiste Dry Shampoo, $9.99

You know how it is. Finish up a workout, you’re standing confused in a puddle of your own sweat… how does one fix the gross, drippy post-gym hair?! This is where Batiste dry shampoo comes in, probably donning a cape because it’s that much of a lifesaver. This is a must-have in any girls’ gym bag: give your hair a spray, and the sweat and/or grease magically disappears. Now, you’re free to carry on with your day without worrying everyone is judging you! In fact, they’re all probably enviously gaping at your incredible hair, wondering how you did it. Shh, it’s a secret. 😉

4) Lorna Jane Supa-Lite Training Gloves, $34.99

If the most practical thing in the world had a lovechild with the cutest thing in the world, these training gloves would be it. The defined muscles you get from weight training? Sexy. The callouses covering your hands? Not so sexy. That’s where these babies come in, to help you keep those hands and nails in tact while you smash it out! These are a great little gift for that fearless chick you know who’s not afraid to battle the dudes in the weights room. 😉

5) Body Shop Coconut Body Scrub, $27.95

Sometimes the only thing you want to do after a hard week of training/working/generally living your busy life is relaxing. Specifically, relaxing in the bath or shower with an amazing body scrub. This coconut one leaves your skin silky smooth, your muscles soothed and you smelling like summer in a nutshell. It’s the perfect little tool to help someone relax and wind-down, with the complimentary “feeling like a million bucks” affect.

6) Garmin Forerunner10, $149

Not only is the Forerunner10 cute and stylish, they’re amazing quality and have all the features any avid runner would look for. There little gems track distance, pace and calories, and keeps a record of all your personal goals. Grab one of these for that someone you know who’s a running fiend, so they can be more motivated than ever to smash their goals. Then when they win a marathon, they can dedicate their whole success to you, right?

7) Cotton On Jumbeau Water Bottle, $6.95

These are great little stocking fillers, and something any fitness-loving person will both love, and get use out of. We all know how important it is to stay hydrated and drink lots of the good stuff, especially now that summer has just kicked off here in Australia. Complete with funny quotes, I can definitely foresee a few “laughing-until-liquid-comes-out-of-nose” moments. Totally worth it. The bottles are available in a few different designs and colours.

8) Lorna Jane Galvanise Run Short, $59.99

Okay, there’s no secret that I’m a bit obsessed with Lorna Jane – a few products have snuck their way into this guide. But there’s a reason! LJ is the perfect fusion of fitness, fashion and function, and these gorgeous shorts are a prime example. I’ve been eyeing these beauties off for a while now, and can’t wait to snap a pair up myself. These are super-lightweight and are designed to move with your body as you run, jump, backflip, fly… whatever your thang is 😉 They’ve got sneaky little built in undies for support and tiny pockets for your essentials, like keys or a few dollars. And come on now, the print is to die for! These will carry your butt through any workout, whether it be a run, CrossFit, weight training, spin… you name it, the Galvanise shorts have you covered. Literally.

Wow, this was quite possibly the longest post I’ve written… and if you’ve made it to here, we just became best friends. 😛
I hope this guide was helpful, and you now know exactly what to get your fitness fanatic buddy or family member to stay in their good books all year!

Have you got anything to add to this guide?
What goodies do you want for your active journey in 2014?!


Kloe x


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