The countdown is officially on & I’m a wee bit excited.

Oh hey, didn’t see you there.

How are you lovely people?!

I’m sorry I’ve been a bit MIA lately – it’s been a hectic week, I spent it in Adelaide with my family. But I’m back home, back into routine and everyday life! Just between you guys and me, is it really shameful that I’m a serious routine/familiarity fan? Hands up if you’re equally as weird… haha. Promise I won’t judge 😉

Nevertheless, uni holidays are overall treating me very well, definitely cannot complain. I’ve been a workin’ class girl, saving up some big bucks for the impending Europe trip, which may I add was EXACTLY A MONTH AWAY on the 26th November! “Excitement” doesn’t even adequately explain my hyperactive, cannot-wipe-the-smile self. I’m counting down every. single. day. With an app. No, I’m not even kidding. Permission to laugh at me for the second time in this post!



Hopefully my map will look like this one day! (insert ambition here). The thing is, I’m already itching to travel to every single country there is, but I’m sensing this Eurotrip will definitely seal the deal. I’m going to come home with absolutely no money; but a crazy-ass travel bug and case of wanderlust. But hey, it’s true what they say: “travelling is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.” I like this quote. It justifies all the moola being spent and helps me sleep at night. End of story. Shoosh. 😉

I also may or may not have other exciting news. You all know just how much I’m obsessed with/spend all my money on Lorna Jane, right? I wrote a gushy post all about her philosophy and how I apply it to my life this year. Well, GUESS WHAT?! I recently was offered a job at one of the city stores! And if you’re wondering whether I squealed like a little school girl on the phone when I found out, you’d be right. I cannot wait to get started and fusing my love for fitness, healthy living and fashion!

I’ll wrap this up with a few of my favourite Lorna Jane snaps:






(source for all)

Now, tell me:

Are you heading off on a holiday soon? It seems everyone is! Or, what was your absolute favourite trip to date?
What’s your dream job, if you could pick only one?


Kloe x


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