Celebrating the holidays the best way we know how.

Guess what this girl is doing for the next 4 months of her life?
ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! I’m officially a free woman on uni break!
…Well, that’s not entirely true. I’ll be travelling around Europe for one of those months, and the rest will obviously be hardcore partying all day erryday. Take today for example:

Awesome weather.


Best friend.

Biggest lunch of our lives.

Fro-yo on said beach.

Pretty out of control, better lock ya doors Sydney. 😉

But in all seriousness, today was a lovely day. Ally and I welcomed in the holidays the best way we know how. We headed out to Coogee Beach to enjoy the absolutely flawless weather. Definitely have some epic sunburn to show for that.


Coogee beach, I don’t know how you do it. Beautiful every. Single. Time. Coogee has quickly become one of my go-to beaches after Tom introduced it to me almost two years ago. It’s equally as incredible as the other beaches in Sydney, but without the throngs of crowds all the time. It seems like it’s a little less well-known and it’s more locals that visit – and I’m cool with that. Much more relaxing!


May I introduce you to the mother of all sandwiches?! All that chatting and admiring the view made us starving, so we went to Globe Fine Food & Coffee – a little gem that has a fabulous menu. I opted for a sandwich as big as my head (hey, girl’s gotta eat 😉 ) with goat’s cheese, sundried tomato, roasted capsicum, onion and salad. This was hitting the spot at it’s finest. So delicious! May have also stole a few sneaky sips of Ally’s mango smoothie and a few grilled mushrooms.. can’t turn those beauties down!


Oh come on now, don’t say you didn’t see this coming. What kind of people go to the beach, and don’t buy some kind of icy treat? Hence, the idea to raid the froyo joint was born. For the record, strawberries and milo is amazing – do it! I also have to point out how much enjoyment I get out of the fact it looks like Ally’s snorting her froyo… and faceplanting into it in the other photo. I have really cool friends. 🙂

(raises froyo) here’s to a fantastic holidays filled with lots of memories! We all need it after the semester from hell, I’ll say that much.

What’s your favourite beach where you’re from?
Best sandwich fillings? I won’t judge… I’m a bit of a self-appointed sandwich expert.
Which froyo toppings beat all other toppings ever?!


Kloe x


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