Life in Pictures: Let’s Play Catchups.

Happy Hump Day everyone! 🙂
Friday is so close I can smell it. But you know what’s even closer? My 4-month uni break! I cannot even contain my excitement: a whole third of a year to just chill out and have some fun. After the full-on semester I’ve had, nothing sounds better.

Especially the part where I’m jet-setting off to travel around Europe for a month. Quite possibly the most excited I’ve been in my life, just quietly. We’re leaving on Boxing Day, so no doubt we’ll be like little kids at Christmas on Boxing Day Eve instead. 😉

Let’s play catch-ups shall we? Prepare for a bit of a “lately” photo dump with all my shenanigans from the last week or two.


Sunnies, refreshing coconut water and lace shorts: could it be? Hey summer, I’ve been waiting for you all year!


Tom wanted me to sneak this one in to show just how intellectual and cultured and stuff he is.
…I’m kidding. We were chilling at the park reading (a magazine for me, I know.. shameful) on Sunday when I went to Canberra for the weekend. So relaxing… until something bit me. Grass and I don’t get along…


On Saturday night after dinner with some friends, Tom and I headed over to this little cocktail bar called Knightsbridge Penthouse. It had a really cool vibe and decor, so I was sucked in by it all and ended up ordering some insanely strong drink. I’ve never had a cocktail before, so naturally one was definitely enough for this girl… Tip: never just go up and say, “I like berries and rum!” It’ll most definitely be a glass of rum with a few berries in it. Bam, straight to the head! Great night though. 🙂


Lunch with my mum and little brother last week: This mountain of bruschetta puts Mt. Everest to shame. The bread was topped with tomato (obviously!), basil, bocconcini and balsamic. So good, and I may or may not have hoovered the whole thing. Could you blame me though, really?!


The Museum of Contemporary art with this little one. Because hey, if there’s an excuse for me to head to the kid’s section of the museum without being judged, I’ll take it. Thanks, Wil, I owe you one… 😉


Shameless selfie of my internship attire last week. I’m absolutely, madly in love with this new lace crop I bought from Lucy in the Sky – it’s the perfect staple for summer, and I’ve been teaming it with high-waisted denim shorts, floral shorts and skirts like this one, and my black disco pants (that I scored from Supre, not American Apparel, sadly #poorunikidproblems )

Well, I’m off to tackle all these assessments, head to the gym and go to work. Yes, all in one day.
I’m actually Superwoman.


Kloe x


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