Theory: Birthday’s are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.

Hello everyone, how are we all? (Could be a rhetorical question, didn’t think that through, but feel free to answer anyway 😉

Last Friday night was possibly the most warm-and-fuzzy inducing night of my life for a looong time. Let me back that up with an explanation: It was my Mum’s birthday, and all of us (except for said birthday girl) were in on a little secret. It was organised that my grandparents would fly over to Sydney, as they live interstate, and mysteriously appear in the house.

Mum came home from work and lo and behold, her parents were casually sipping tea in her lounge room. Needless to say, she was extremely happy and excited, and that in turn made me feel exactly the same way. 🙂
Not only that, but I got the rare chance to spend some time with my grandparents who I miss dearly and grew up super close with.

After managing to stop the flow of happy tears, we headed out to Le Kiosk on Shelly Beach for dinner. The restaurant is amazing, and is situated right on the beach with an uninterrupted view right out to sea, and across to Manly Beach. The food was also to die for! I ordered a chicken and chickpea salad, which was lovely and fresh – and left just the right amount of room to stuff my face with their thick cut chips and aioli, and of course a few sneaky slices of beautiful bread. 😉




The fam bam 🙂
Can we just take a moment to appreciate and/or have a chuckle at my little brother at the end of the table? Okay, poll time: are we thinking zombie or demon child? Hey, at least he’s got Halloween sorted.


Zoe (my step sister), myself & Mum: being classy and sippin’ on some champers… and by sipping I mean I may have had a generous skull. Really nice champagne!


Oh, turns out this is why it tasted like liquid gold. Definitely may have found a new bevvie of choice 😉
And that cake in the background? You better believe it’s a $6 one from Coles, and not even ashamed: it was damn delicious! Two slices definitely happened.

It was a wonderful evening with the family, and I cannot even tell you how nice it was to have everyone together. With me living out of home, it’s hard sometimes to even get to catch up with the family in Sydney, let alone the family from Adelaide!
Icing on the cake for that week, for sure. 
…So much discussion about cake. An affordable $6 mud cake is sounding super tempting right now…

What’s a beautiful restaurant you’ve been to, and what did you like about it?
Your all-time favourite cake out there?!


Kloe x


2 responses to “Theory: Birthday’s are natures way of telling us to eat more cake.

  1. Sounds like a wonderful birthday surprise for your mum!! My boyfriend and I were in Sydney together for a holiday for this last weekend and we actually went to Manly. It is not a restaurant but we certainly enjoyed our treats from the Adriano Zumbo bakery there 🙂

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