Five seasonal goodies to add to your shopping list.

Hey party people!

I’m going to be flat out honest here: I’ve been crazy busy the last month or so, and blogging has fallen off the face of the earth… until I realised my life felt just that little bit crappier and more boring without it, and that I missed it. A lot. (Just quietly, I may also be sucking up to my blog so it’ll take me back… haha). 😛

I ready to rock n’ roll and get right back into it! Over in Sydney, it seems Summer is hitting full force and reminding us it’ll be here to play soon, and I couldn’t have a harder time containing my child-like excitement. Ice-cream? Beach? Lazy days in the sunshine? Come at me! 😀

Another amazing thing about the warmer months, is the delicious seasonal produce that’s ours for the taking/cooking/plain ol’ chomping. I thought I’d get together a little guide of some of the top spring/summer goodies you guys should get your hands on and incorporate into your days.

Spinach is trendy at the moment for a reason: the super food is jam-packed with nutrients, vitamins, antioxidants and magnesium. It’s the perfect addition to your summer smoothies for a sneaky healthy boost.



Not only one of the most delicious treats found in the fruit aisle, mangoes pack a nutritional punch, containing up to three times your daily intake of vitamins A and C. What isn’t mango good with? I suggest you add it to a beautiful summer salad, or grilled on the barbecue with just a hint of maple syrup.



These little gems may be tiny, but they’re feisty when it comes to nutrition. Not only are they fantastic for your immune system but they are great for the health of your bones. They also make an awesome addition to baked goodies. Why not whip up some blueberry espresso brownies for a tasty treat?



Strawberries just scream summer, and take the prize as the best-loved berry. Not just a pretty face, these guys fight cancer and look out for the health of your eyes. Give this a shot, strawberry and cream popsicles, a healthy, yet oh-so-tasty alternative for dessert.



The humble zucchini can do more than you think: from lowering cholesterol to preventing heart attacks, it’s got you covered. A great, lighter alternative, you can replace pasta with zucchini pasta (and still smother it in your favourite sauce). It also makes a fabulous veggie-packed fritter for lunch or dinner.



This article first appeared on Urban Society.

What produce will you be picking up this spring and summer, or wherever you live in the world?
Your absolute favourite way to use

Really looking forward to getting back into blogging, bring it on! 🙂 Enjoy your week, lovelies.


Kloe x


6 responses to “Five seasonal goodies to add to your shopping list.

    • Glad I’m not the only one! I know, it’s so hard to maintain right, even though we love doing it?! I think you really need to feel all creative and in the mood for it as well, which isn’t always the case!

    • I’ve always wanted a veggie patch! I live in student housing for uni at the moment and couldn’t do it, but it’s one of the first things I’m doing when I get a house!

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