Vie Activewear New Collection Launch.

Hey everyone!

Last Friday I had the pleasure of attending the launch of an incredible new range by Vie Activewear – a brand created by co-founders Noa and Bryan with a shared passion for health and fitness.
Noa is a personal trainer, fitness instructor, triathlete and marathon runner; and Bryan used to be a competitive extreme skier, snowboarder, cyclist and triathlete. This, my friends, gives a whole new definition to a power couple! How inspiring are their achievements?!

Checking out the goods

Checking out the goods

They both strived to bring out clothing that could handle a tough workout, but could also transition perfectly from the gym to, say, brunch with girlfriends or running errands – all the while feeling chic and fashionable all day! Let me tell you, this dynamic duo have delivered.

Not only are their pieces effortlessly cool and stylish, but there’s so much attention to detail that goes into designing them. The ranges are amazingly made from Merino (one of the world’s most technically advanced fabrics). Designed to ensure ultimate comfort without compromising performance, Merino covers all fitness and sports activities, every season of the year.

Delish green juices & bliss balls at the launch

Delish green juices & bliss balls at the launch

Here is a brief bit of info about all the features the Merino Perform fabric has to over fellow sporty people:

  • Moisture management
  • Temperature control
  • Shape rentention
  • Odour control
  • UV protection
  • Easy care

Vie Activewear has a variety of styles to suit every active woman, ranging from their signature chic leopard print, to a Rome-inspired mosaic pattern, to fun stripes and brights. I guarantee that you’ll find something you instantly fall in love with, in fact I’d go even further and bet you’ll have a hard time choosing! 🙂

Just because I feel it’s my duty as a blogger to share with you guys things that I genuinely love and think you will too, here’s a little sneak peek into what Vie Activewear has to offer (I take no responsibility for any impending shopping sprees that may occur) 😉

statement leopard
blue stripes
running in rome
blakc leopard

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m eyeing off both of the leopard print ranges like there’s no tomorrow. #obsessed

If you are as much as a fan as I am, definitely head over to their website (here) where you can shop online, in your PJs, to your hearts’ content!

What’s your favourite piece so far from Vie Activewear?
How would you style some of the pieces so you can wear them outside the gym and look amazing?!


Kloe x




6 responses to “Vie Activewear New Collection Launch.

  1. Hi! Thanks for posting!
    I was wondering about the fabric of the leggings – I have seen some ‘premium’ brands have had ‘premium’ fabric but it’s actually really thin and slides down when your working out I know it’s hard to answer online but what would you say these ones are similar too? I’d hate to spend $140 to be dissatisfied!

    • hey there Courtney!
      sorry for the late reply – I completely understand where you’re coming from, there’s nothing worse than a slippy pair of tights when you’re working out!

      I personally don’t own any Vie Activewear as of yet, but fully intend to. the merino fabric is specifically designed for high performance, and is engineered to support the body without confining it. it’s got great natural elasticity so that they for snugly and comfortably without you having to worry about them falling down or anything.
      I can definitely guarantee you that the activewear is extremely high quality and you won’t be disappointed! also, the gorgeous designs are an added bonus 😉 xx

    • hi there Courtney!

      I completely agree, nothing worse than slippy workout pants!

      I don’t personally own any vie activewear as of yet, but I fully intend to. the clothes are specifically designed for high performance, and is engineered to support the body without being confined. the natural elasticity ensures that there’s fantastic mobility when wearing them, but they’re secure and won’t slip.
      I can guarantee you that vie activewear is fantastic quality and you won’t be disappointed!
      the cute designs are an added bonus too 😉


  2. thanks! I bought a pair of Adidas tights recently and even at an XS they don’t have that snug feel a pair of work-out tights should. Skins, Lorna-Jane and Lululemon all have it right!
    I recently saw a pair of tightsby a new brand on the market HPE clothing – again not as nice in real life as they are in website! It’s going to be so important for these brands to really get their products tried and tested!

  3. This is probably too late, but make sure you go at lease one size down in VIE, i’m wishing i did now as mine are falling down! Love the design, feel, thickness of the tights though. everyone comments on my black leopard ones!

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