Yoga Under the Sea.


Guess what day it is tomorrow? Cue the excited, expectant stare in your direction. I’ll tell you anyway – it’s FRIDAY! And not only is Tom heading to Sydney, but I’ve got something exciting in the works which I’m going to tomorrow. So stay tuned for that lovely people. 😉

I just wanted to tell you guys all about my date with my gorgeous Mum on Tuesday morning. No, I’m not going to make you sit there and listen to every detail of what coffee I had, how hot it was, whether they didn’t cut it with the froth… because this wasn’t no usual coffee date!

We went to the Sydney Aquarium for a yoga class. I bet you’re all currently trying to put two-and-two together, and came to the conclusion that fishes nor seals do yoga. Maybe you’ll need a photo straight up to help me explain myself. Check this out:



Yep, that’s my Mum and I before our yoga class, and that was the view we got the whole time. I’m not kidding. There was a little room all set up with mats, all facing this giant fish tank. It was incredible – the fish, sharks and eels all swam to the glass during the class, keen to get in on the action. Not today, sorry guys. Maybe next time you can whip out your best downward dog (the only yoga pose I know the name of, forgive me haha). We may have spotted Nemo and Dory though… made my day!


As if yoga wasn’t relaxing enough; can you imagine it with an ocean scene around you?! It made everything extra meditative and peaceful. There’s nothing like really just tuning out from the world, no phones, no emails, no running to catch a bus… and being with nature instead. Even if it’s just an hour, like this class was, it was the perfect start to the day. I felt totally grounded and serene for the rest of it – and everything that would normally piss me off, I let slip! :O #thepoweroffishyoga

The yoga class itself wasn’t intense or anything, it was meant to be more of an exercise in relaxation. Lots of stretching and sun salutations, with of course the meditation at the end 😉 I’m by no means a yogi, but I actually wouldn’t mind giving it more of my time Even if it’s once a week or so, it’ll help improve my flexibility (which is severely lacking, it’s embarrassing), and strength. Oh, and general calmness 😉

And I feel this needs to be said: they even provided cute little gluten-free muffins (yes, GLUTEN-FREE) and coffee or tea at the end. I was all over it, I’ll say that much. Hey, you’re paying for it right? It’s totally justified. In my mind. I just like muffins okay?
If you’re dying to give this a go, I’ve feeling mega generous and compiled all the need-to-know’s for you. You’re welcome:

When: Every Tuesday until the end of November
Where: Sydney Aquarium, Darling Harbour
Time: 7-8am (perfect before work or uni!)
How to book: visit the site and follow the prompts here.

Now tell me: are you a seasoned yogi? How long have you been practicing?
What’s your favourite kind of yoga?

Hopefully all you Sydney-siders get your butts down to the Aquarium and give it a go! 😀


Kloe x


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