Colosseum Activewear Review.

Happy Sunday err’body! (Yes, I did just say that, and yes I do use that term on a regular basis. Haters gon’ hate 😉 )

Now I’m going to put a universally acknowledged truth out there: wearing incredibly cute and stylish workout gear to the gym makes you run faster. And lift heavier. And be more flexy in yoga. It’s science, right?
We all know that as soon as we rock some brand new kicks or an awesome tank to the gym, we all of a sudden go all #BEASTMODE. I know this is definitely the case for me, although my wallet isn’t such a big fan. C’est la vie.


I recently had the opportunity to review a few gorgeous pieces from the brand Colosseum, hailing from the US. They’re new kids on the block, but judging by their activewear, they’re about to take the fitness-fashion scene by storm. Brace yourselves! The goodies I received were from their latest range for Fall 2013, which is technically our Spring 2013 here in Australia. Have a good squiz at their ranges, you will want to, I’m telling you. Head over to their website here. 


Colosseum is all about where “modern lifestyle meets performance.” The aim of the brand is to provide active women with a versatile wardrobe that can take them from the gym, to lunch or a shopping date in an instant. The clothes are all impeccably stylish, while performing at a high level when working out or playing sport. Designed for motion and specifically for different activities, you’ll look like one chic, fashionable lady all year round! Guaranteed.

Here’s a little sneak peek of the fun stuff I was lucky enough to get:

bra and jacket colosseum

In my delivery was the sports bra, the jacket on the right and a pair of full-length tights.

The tights:

Are so. Flippin. Comfy. Honestly, the fabric is extra soft and stretchy, and a dream to workout in. I did a spin class and a Body Pump class in them, and they transitioned seamlessly from the cycling motion to the squating and lunging motion… if you’re looking for a pair that will cover you for all the exercise types you do, this is one you’re after. They’ve even got a sneaky little pocket for keys or headphones, and have the logo on the waistband. Plus, they’re even perfect for a lazy Sunday reading and drinking coffee 😉

The jacket:

I fell in love with this gorgeous little jacket! It’s enough to throw over your workout gear to make yourself look extra stylish, and you could definitely rock it with a plain white/black tee and a pair of jeans. It’s so versatile, perfect for running to and from the gym, to and from a hot date (reow!) or to and from a night out with friends over an LBD. I can definitely see this little gem becoming a staple in my wardrobe I just can’t put down. #girlproblems

The bra:

Now, I’ll be brutally honest here: there’s nothing worse than having a dodgy sports bra at the gym, or wearing an everyday bra and have the straps slip off every ten seconds. Amiright, ladies? I know you’re all secretly saying, “can I get an amen!” in your heads right now.
On the flip side, there’s nothing better than a functional sports bra that provides amazing support to do all the things you love, and is also to-die-for cute! This one is all of those things, times a few. With the gorgeous tie-dyed pattern, it looks fantastic under an oversized singlet so you can show it off 😉 Or if you’re really brave/confident, you could even wear this one by itself with some shorts or tights, as it provides enough coverage. In love!

To check out Colosseum’s Fall 2013 lookbook, click here. 

Thank you so, so much for my little present, Colosseum, I can’t wait to buy more of your stuff once you’re up and running online! I’ll be sure to spread the word of your amazing stuff, and I’m thinking the majorly popular brands now may have to watch their backs. 😛

What’s your go-to activewear brand, and why?
What’s a really important feature in the clothes you wear to workout in?

Enjoy your weekend! (well, what’s left of it. Sad face).


Kloe x



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