Pre-Workout Review: APS Mesomorph.

Recently I was sent some workout supplements to try out – my box of goodies included a whole bunch of protein powders by Mushashi and Syn-Tec Nutriceuticals. But that’s not it! As I was digging through my package like an over-excited 3-year-old (oh the life of a fitness person; pumped about supplements haha) I came across some APS Mesomorph pre-workout.

I will admit, at first I was a tad intimidated by this delivery. I mean, here I was with protein samples screaming “RIPPED MUSCLE” and “BIG MUSCLE GAINS” at me in bold letters (I’m a 5 foot 2 petite female, you’re scaring me!) and then I discover the pre-workout, which I’ve never used in my life… it’s completely new to me. This was closely followed by a good ten minute head-convo with myself, bouncing between wanting to hide in a corner and never go to the gym again, and seriously considering just becoming some really buff bodybuilder just for funzies. Don’t worry, I got my shiz together and decided I’d knock back some pre-workout before the cycle class I was about to head off to.


Wow. Just wow. Can someone say buzzed?! I mixed it with water and drank it about 40 minutes before the workout, and on the bus ride on the way there, I had a good time – let’s just say that. I was incredibly pumped, and had a huge surge of energy that kicked in incredibly quickly after I’d taken it. I don’t think I’ve ever been that keen to workout – I just felt I had to burn off some of this intense energy! Needless to say, I got in an awesome workout and can safely say that the Mesomorph allowed me to perform at my peak. Especially for those evening gym sessions when you’re secretly fantasising about snuggling up in a onesie and toe socks with vegemite toast, the pre-workout made me push myself that much harder.


Above is the nutritional info for the liquid gold (too far? Never.) As you can see, its choc-a-block full of caffeine, taurine and glucuronolactone – a trio guaranteed to turn you into someone who arrogantly fist pumps as you walk into the gym (if you want to keep your membership/dignity, I recommend you avoid that).
In terms of the taste, the best way I can describe it is that it was almost like a liquid Warhead… for real! No where near as intense in the sour department though, so don’t let that turn you off. It had a tangy, fruity flavour with a hint of sour-ness, is what I’m getting at here. 😉

If you’re looking for that extra jolt of energy occasionally for your workouts, then I’d definitely say give this bad boy a go! I’m sure in addition to your daily cup of joe (or two… or three…), you’ll be counting down the minutes till your gym sesh with anticipation rather than dread.

If you want to find out a little more about APS and their supplements, head over to their website by clicking here.

Now, tell me: Have you ever given a pre-workout a go? What was your experience like?


Kloe x


3 responses to “Pre-Workout Review: APS Mesomorph.

  1. No never. I don’t drink coffee so I don’t think I would want to take something with so much caffeine as the last time I had coffee it gave me the worst jitters and I’d be scared pre workout of it happening again but that is awesome that it worked so well for you!

    • it’s definitely not something that I’d do all the time; there is SO much crazy stuff in it and it seriously cannot be good for you! coffee is enough for me too 🙂

  2. “I just felt I had to burn off some of this intense energy!”
    I totally understand. I’m glad you enjoy Mesomorph as much I do. So far it’s the best pre-workout supplement that I have ever tried. But you’re right too about not doing it all the time. I also just recently wrote a post with info about Mesomorph 2.0 here but your post has been a great read. Thanks.

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