Oh hey there, I’m that Kloe chick, remember me?!

I know I know, I’ve been a very bad blogger.
Time out corner may be necessary? I went to write a post, and WordPress wasn’t automatically logged in anymore… that’s when you know s**t’s getting real and you haven’t blogged in a long time – since early July to be exact!


(Me attempting to give you guys the puppy dog face but looking creepy and/or possessed instead.)

So let’s have a bit of a catch up, shall we? I’ve been a busy bee during my uni break, which is a tad ironic because really you should be doing absolutely nothing and recuperating. Instead, I worked most days of the week – which I’m totally okay with, because it’s paid off (ha, see what I did there? Laugh. Thanks.) Tom and I are booking our trip around Europe in January really soon, so that made every working hour completely worth it.
I’m so excited, you have no idea. I’ve never done the Europe trip (I know, I’ve clearly been living under a rock-like object), so good times ahead! I’ll definitely do another post about which countries we’re heading to and give a few more deets. So watch this space. 🙂

Plan your trip


I’m starting semester 2 at uni this week actually, which is obviously the most convenient time to get my blog on again – Typical Kloe logic, that’s for sure. But I definitely want to keep it up, because 1) I miss it big time, 2) I just generally love it and 3) let’s face it, it’s an awesome procrastination tool.
…Kidding about the 3rd one, I swear (sorry, Mum!) 😉

I thought I’d do a bit of a goal list for this semester, I find it’s a really positive way to approach a fresh start and I’m very much a list/goal person – guilty! #sorrynotsorry 😛
So here goesssss:

1. Kick some uni butt again this semester

2. Buy plane tickets for the Europe trip and write up list of all the places/things/sites we want to see (list within a list… LISTCEPTION!)

3. Strength work for my knee – I went to the physio today because my knee has been bugging me for a few months, and turns out I’ve got a little teeny meniscus tear; but nothing that a bit of strength work won’t be able to fix! So I’ve got some exercises to help. I’m keen to get stuck into it and get the stability back, and start running again (oh, love of my life, how I miss you…)

4. Get involved in a boot camp/sports team/running group (as long as my knee is cool with it later 😉 ) – I’ve been meaning to do this for ages!

Okay, I was totally about to keep going, but I’m thinking if it got to at least 7, I’d be a tad ambitious… so we’ll stick to this for now!

I’ve got a post planned for later with some hot tips for City2Surf, from one of the former winners! So if any of you are gearing up to get your run on soon, definitely check out some sneaky insider info and handy hints 😉
Because hey, technically if you’re getting advice from a winner, that means you will then win… it’s science. I promise.



Hope you’ve all had a fantastic July! I cannot believe how dang fast this year is going, it was March about 3 seconds ago… and then I blinked. But I’ll definitely try to not go AWOL again. 🙂

Enjoy the rest of your Monday (best day of the week, right? Ain’t nothin’ like a fresh start to the week! (…sorry, just using a bit of over-enthusiasm to make it less depressing, but probably annoying everyone more in the process 😛 )


Kloe x






4 responses to “Oh hey there, I’m that Kloe chick, remember me?!

  1. Try doing some leg extensions (machine or not) for your knee- it’s helped me 🙂 Welcome back- I’m back too haha. Europe is amazing and you’ll love it! If you want tips or reviews- pop on over to my blog in the travel category I’ve done three or four so far 🙂 Or email me for more! Kick uni’s ass!

    • Hey chicka – looked like you had an absolutely incredible time over in Europe, I’m going with my boyfriend too so will definitely grab some handy tips from you before I head off 🙂

      Oh thanks for the tips on the knee! Did you have a meniscus tear too, or just some other knee thing?! Argh, so annoying. My physio has given me quad extensions, squats and incline leg presses, so here’s hoping it helps 🙂

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