El Bulli, Surry Hills.

Monday night was Tom’s last night in Sydney, so naturally we wanted to go somewhere awesome for dinner. After about an hour of intense Googling and laughing at pretentious, wanky menus (ie very unproductive research!), I finally suggested El Bulli – a great little tapas place in Surry Hills I’d been to before, and loved.

I’ve only just recently become a fan of tapas, and I’m guessing that’s because before I moved to Sydney, I’d never really tried it! I had not lived, I’ll say that much. I’m one of those people who just want to order everything off the menu, and tapas gives you the chance to do that without getting weird looks, surrounded by a whole collection of mains – “what?! it all sounded so good!” 😛

El Bulli is nestled on Elizabeth Street, and was a perfect little place for a chilly winter night. It’s one of those places that is really authentic, but at the same time has a modern touch to its decor.



When you walk in, the first thing you’re greeted with is the bar – dangerous for anyone who has a weak spot for some good ol’ sangria! It’s got amazing lighting and just makes you want to sit there sitting a stiff drink all night, pretending to be all classy and sophisticated and important. We were way too hungry for happy hour, and dove straight into the food.

We ended up ordering heaps of little tapas dishes, and okay, we may have gotten a tad overexcited and ordered for about six people, not tw0… the chef must have had no idea what just happened, and must have thought there was a mad party or something. Little did he know… 😉 Oh, and they also brought out bread with the incredible spread – I still have no idea what it is to this day, it was like sour cream infused with garlic, but it absolutely rocked my world.

We went with:

  • Chicken skewers marinated in chimchurri
  • A whole bunch of chargrilled veggies, like artichoke hearts, eggplant, zucchini – so amazing!
  • Marinated lamb swimming in garlic – in a good way, promise
  • Mushrooms sauteed in white wine, garlic and olive oil
  • Jamon iberico, chorizo and two poached eggs, in tomato salsa – apparently a “little dish,” but I could easily fit in the pot 😉




All if it was, oh my gosh, there are no words. Just lots of mmm-yummm’s and fleeting considerations to order some for the road (what? It was a god ten minute walk home! Sustenance).
The only thing was, we were a bit jipped into buying the lamb. The waiter suggested it, and without giving us a second to reply, he was literally like, “yep? okay good.” Then sneakily disappeared before we could say anything… and do I even need to mention it was the most expensive thing on there?! Haha, sly bugger was just doing his job I guess, I’m sure he made his boss proud. 😛


The waiters and waitresses, apart from our new “bestie” stealing all our money, were really attentive and genuinely were willing to help you out/fill your water glasses/repeatedly ask if you want dessert (haha). There’s a great ambience inside, it’s also nice and toasty, and that paired with awesome food and company makes for a winner of a winter night. 🙂
There’s usually live music on, but since it was a pretty quiet Monday night, we didn’t get to hit up the dancefloor for some Flamenco, much to Tom’s dismay. 😉





But it’s all happening there on a Friday or Saturday night, so if you choose to go, definitely go then!

I’d head to El Bulli again for sure, I’ll just arrive armed with copious amounts of doggie bags, and dress up in a traditional Spanish outfit for kicks, because YOLO and all that. 😉

Check out their website for more info.

PS: Sorry I didn’t take my own photos, but I much prefer to enjoy the meal rather than going all touristy Instagrammer on it!

What’s your favourite cuisine?
Best tapas place you’ve ever been to and why?

Oh and just PPS, TGIF! 😀

Kloe x



3 responses to “El Bulli, Surry Hills.

  1. The sour cream-like spread was probably Labneh 🙂 my mum makes it. It’s a Lebanese spread made from strained Greek yogurt and a butt-tonne of garlic and herbs! Delish!

    B xx

  2. Omg you haven’t lived!!! Tapas is one of my all time favourites. There are 3 Movidas in Melbourne and I think they are opening one in Sydney which you have to go to when it does. There are others in Melbourne I love maybe more but Movida is probably in my top 2-3 choices and it is phenomenal! 🙂

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