The Food Shaming Epidemic.

So there’s a little something I need to get off my chest.
Just the other night, I was innocently scrolling through my Instagram feed, and I came across a picture that really stood out to me… and made me extremely peeved, for a lack of a better, more eloquent word.

Here’s the picture in question:


Okay, so it was posted by someone who follows a vegan diet, which is completely cool and I have absolutely no problem with. In fact, people become vegan for a whole range of reasons, whether it’s because of food allergies, ethical reasons, or personal beliefs – all of which are completely justified, and I totally respect that. What I’m not okay with, is people that follow certain diets (paleo, vegan, vegetarian, meat lover, you name it) believing they’re far superior to others who eat a different way, and making a point of shaming them and guilt-tripping them.

There are a whole range of different ways to eat out there in the big wide world, and it really all comes down to personal preferences and needs. All of our bodies are different, and we sometimes need to fuel them in a different way to how someone else needs to. You really can’t compare one body to another, and this is why there are so many options out there, such as gluten-free food for people with coeliac, or lactose-free food for those who are lactose-intolerant.

food groups

I’ve noticed this whole food shaming thing has become a bit of an epidemic, not necessarily in the health & fitness blogging world, but more on Instagram, actually. I’m a big believer in experimenting and finding out what types of foods your body responds well to, and sticking to what makes you feel energetic, happy and healthy. This could mean no dairy, lots of dairy, no meat, or a whole heap of meat. By all means, eat in a way that works for you, and it’s so important to be true to yourself – but it’s not necessary to put down others, or make them feel like they’ve done something completely horrible just because they had a steak for dinner, some yoghurt on their cereal, lots of fruit and veg or a couple of eggs.

Like I’ve said, I’m all for diversity and different ways of eating, it’s another thing that makes us unique and interesting! We should definitely embrace the individuality between us, and be curious and interested by it – not dismissive or critical. I think it’s actually something to be celebrated and be inquisitive about! And hey, it’s always fun to try out a great raw vegan restaurant you’ve heard of, or head out to a place that’s known for their fantastic rack of ribs… appreciate all the incredible food we have access to, the variety, instead of condemning certain foods and those who choose to eat it.

Okay, sorry guys, rant over! It’s just something I’ve noticed and wanted to dedicate a deep, intense discussion post to, haha. 🙂

Kloe x


8 responses to “The Food Shaming Epidemic.

  1. I agree with you. What works for some people doesn’t work for others and everyone can be at such a different stage to you or dealing with things you don’t know about and we shouldn’t judge people for what they do or don’t eat.

  2. I just really don’t care when people post their little judgemental pictures and memes.. – I think that whoever is posted the “food shaming” photos is craving attention, being petty, and is therefore entirely insignificant and powerless. People love to be bossy about their food because it makes them feel all important and righteous – its best to ignore that sort of lame behavior and find better friends and better online feeds. Petty isn’t allowed on my instagram feed. FILTER.

    • just to clarify, these people aren’t my friends, I have incredible friends offline in my life that would never do that. and of course, I unfollow these people as soon as something like this is posted.

      • Yay! 🙂 So many people don’t unfollow though – and I hope those are the ones who find this article

      • Aw this is true – when really, all it’s doing is being a negative influence! Totally agree with what you said though about the need to feel superior and seek attention, and doing that through food. So not necessary! 🙂

  3. Yes! Seriously, you think you’re better because you’re vegetarian/vegan/carnivore – who cares?! We definitely all have to do what is best for our own bodies, but it does gripe me when people think they’re better because of this choice. Very good points!

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