Winter Weekend Getaway in Canberra.

Hi all, and happy Monday!

I’m feelin’ it a hell of a lot more this morning with a bit of post-getaway blues thrown in the mix. I’m finally on uni holidays now for a glorious 7 weeks, so I got the chance to head down to Canberra for the weekend to spend some time with Tom.



Here’s the thing: I actually really quite like Canberra, it’s such a serene and calm city, and I always love to escape from the hustle and bustle of Sydney every now and again! Although, winter there is something else – I’m a bit of a wimp and feel the cold, and was absolutely shocked to discover it got down to the negatives! In my mind, that’s just an Alaska thing… an Antarctica thing. Cue everyone shaking their head at my ignorance 😛 Our hotel was really nice and toasty, the only downside being the consequence of having to pay $10 for ripping open the snack pack, purely for some cheese and crackers… hence making a mission of eating the whole thing to get the most out of paying that much! Ridic.

On Saturday, we started off by grabbing a coffee at a cute cafe, then we (meaning I, haha) rugged up like a lunatic and we headed out to Tom’s footy game. I was cringing just watching all the guys casually running around in short-shorts in crazy Canberra weather, like it was no biggie – and I’m just sitting there shaking and resorting to wearing a men’s hoodie. No dignity! Nevertheless, it was actually enjoyable to watch for this sports-noob girl. I’ve never watched a footy game in action, and think I accidentally used the words rugby (“It’s league!”) which is apparently a big no-no, so sue me 😉 I winced everytime someone got tackled, and cannot believe how violent it got! Wow.

On Saturday night we went out for dinner, and made a point of doing some investigative googling beforehand to pick a little gem we knew would be great 🙂
We finally decided on Harem Turkish Restaurant in Kingston, and were definitely not disappointed! I’m not sure if you guys are aware of my absolute love for Mediterranean food, but it’s pretty out there – I’ll always go for that cuisine out of any other option.
This was a little hole in the wall place, with an incredibly authentic decor and atmosphere inside. We ordered the mixed dips for starters with Turkish bread, and oh my. There are no words, except maybe perfection. Can you ever go wrong with warm, fresh Turkish bread, ready to dunk into hummus, tzatziki, spinach and beetroot dip? I think not. There’s something just so satisfying about it! I couldn’t decide which dip I liked most, and I totally usually play favourites.. so that says a lot. 😉
For my main, I had sis tavuk – basically chicken skewers with salad and chickpeas. Simple, but yummy.

Just to top it all off, a belly dancer rocked up! I could hear her costume jangling, and couldn’t find her until she was literally almost on our table. I may have jumped a little bit, followed by being blinded by the sequins haha. She was probably around 45-ish, and started chatting to us: “what are you guys celebrating, a special occasion?!” and I had no idea where to look, I mean c’mon, she was shimmy-ing 3 inches from my face! It was a pretty awkward 5 minutes, I’ll say that much! But added to the experience, I guess!

Come Sunday morning, and it was time to do the crazy headless-chook run around you do when checkout’s at 10am… which is exactly what we did. Once we’d got everything sorted, we realised it was lunch time, and I was close to eating my own arm off I was that hungry. And you know what working up that much of an appetite calls for? A big ol’ burger and chips! We had our heart’s set on Grill’d Burgers, and it was quite possibly the best feed I’d had in a long time (look at me, sounding like such a man: “burger and chips”, “feed”… that’s what happens when you’re surrounded by men and only men for a weekend!)


I went straight for the Bombay Bliss: a chickpea patty with tomato relish, tzaziki and salad, and it definitely hit the spot. We couldn’t have not ordered some chips too, it’s illegal you know – true story. 😉
They’re thick-cut with sea salt and rosemary, so they’re much classier and generally more delicious than your average “chip” – next time a burger and chip craving hits you like a bus, hit up your local Grill’d, I’m tellin’ ya!

Next stop, the Old Bus Depot Markets. Like the name so creatively suggests, the markets are in a big old bus depot, and there’s a whole range of things, from arts and crafts, to lots of hand-made foods, and even a creepy clown made an appearance – that we got sucked into watching for a good 10 minutes, I’m ashamed to admit. 😛 It seems like it’s kinda the place to be on a Sunday morning in Canberra, a great little market to enjoy and check out with your family. It’s award-winning too, according to google! So that’s always a handy hint. Haha, kids, don’t do a me and believe everything you read on google either… guilty.



By this stage, it was almost time for me to leave… cue me grabbing onto a pole or someone’s ankle and throwing a tanty. Wouldn’t put it past me, I was really not ready to go back home to reality, I’d give anything for just a few more days to spend in Canberra with Tom. But alas, there’s a little something called adult responsibility or something? Pout.

We decided for the grand finale we’d head up to the top of Mt. Pleasant and enjoy the incredible view of the city. It was so eerily quiet and relaxing up there, and it was the perfect way to finish up the amazing weekend. The fresh air and feeling like you were at the highest point in the world (it’s Canberra, guys, not Mt. Everest – give me a break!) was incredible.

What better time and place to whip out the camera and have a selfie photo shoot? #YOLO and all that. 😉











We definitely got the disapproving “youths these days” look from an old couple that had wandered up and walked in on us being complete (and utterly sexy) idiots.

It was an awesome weekend, I loved every second of it and like I said, wish I could go back and extend it a few more days. It’s always really hard to only get to see Tom for a few days at a time, but hey, it is what it is, and I’ll see him again actually pretty soon. So that makes me a happy lady 🙂

Hope you all had an equally fabulous weekend, whatever you got up to!


Kloe x


8 responses to “Winter Weekend Getaway in Canberra.

  1. Yum I love Mediterranean food. I have been to Canberra as a kid and didn’t love it but you’ve made me maybe want to reconsider but there are other places I would probably go first before there 🙂

    Got to love Grill’d chips!

    • haha well it gets such a bad rap, I don’t think I could spend my life there but as an getaway from crazy Sydney, it’s a welcome change! if you ever go again, pay a visit to manuka and Kingston – they’re the cool areas with the lovely cafes and restaurants and bars 🙂

  2. I totally understand about the cold thing. I hate it cause when my feet and hands are cold, the the rest of me is cold.
    At least you had a good time despite the cold Canberra weather (i think this week there is going to be even colder).
    I love Grill’d, hmm, burger goodness.
    I last went to a Turkish restaurant like 10 years ago (great now I feel old), back when I was living in Melbourne. Not only was the food great, but the belly dancing was awesome too.

    • how brutal is the cold?! I’m originally from Adelaide, it’s pretty cold there so you’d think I’d be somewhat used to it! the humidity in Sydney protects the city I think!
      oh my gosh, Grill’d.. and to know it’s all lovey fresh and healthy ingredients makes it that much more enjoyable 🙂

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