An Unfortunate Realisation & My Favourite Healthy Living Philosophy Ever.

Guys, I’ve come to a very embarrassing, unfortunate realisation.
And it ain’t pretty.

This so-called revelation all came about after cycle class this morning. I rocked up at the gym, pumped for a Sunday morning workout, gave it my all, and went home riding an endorphin high. Yep, seems like a pretty awesome start to my day… except afterwards I realised I was literally the only person who was an absolute sweaty mess, with tomato-red cheeks: I swear it’s always me!
I emerge from the cycle studio, sweat dripping into my eyeballs, narrowly missing a few buff dudes squatting or bicep-curling or something, and I’m still breathing like I just got chased by a bear. All the other women just waltz past me with a little flick of their (NON-sweaty!) ponytail, their lipgloss perfectly in tact. I instantly felt self-conscious, especially when I considered the poor, unsuspecting victim who had to sit next to me on the bus home! I apologise, random stranger. You did not deserve that. 😛

My point is, I’m not sure whether this means I’m kicking my own butt in the class, or whether my resistance is still too high (argh, I’ve always had problems with this!), or whether I’m just much more unfit than everyone else in the class?! Hmm, I like to think it’s just because I’m working hard, I mean, considering the less-than-attractive state I’m in afterwards, but hey, that’s just my little ponder for the day!

But these little gems made me feel better/giggle to myself in public (as per usual):

IMG_1880 IMG_1909 -198984481 948550721

They’re all from the blog Move Nourish Believe: home to the Lorna Jane Philosophy – which brings me to my absolute favourite healthy living philosophy ever. Big claim, but I’m willing to make it. 😉

Lorna Jane is probably the most well-known and well-loved activewear brands for women in Australia, and has been my go-to for gorgeous, top-quality gym gear for years now. But Lorna Jane is not your average retail brand, it’s so, so much more than that. Lorna Jane is the mastermind behind it all, and is such an incredible and inspiring woman. Lorna created her first designs as she was working as a dental therapist, with her ultimate goal to provide women with fashion exercise wear, and encourage them to live their best, healthiest life.
She first showed her work to her clients as a part-time aerobics instructor, they fell madly in love, and demand grew, and the rest is history: albeit a very chic, fun and feminine history.

Lorna’s vitality and contagious energy is seen clearly in her vision for the brand and it’s amazing philosophy: MOVE. NOURISH. BELIEVE. These simple, but powerful and very meaningful words are the foundation of everything the brand stands for, and I couldn’t feel more aligned with it.
The philosophy teaches us that as determined, strong women, we can achieve absolutely anything we put our minds to, and nothing can hold us back. Lorna Jane herself is the perfect example of following your dreams and not stopping until you get there!


To live your best, happiest and healthiest life, Lorna Jane says to move your body in some way each day, nourish it from the inside out, and believe in yourself and your capabilities. The philosophy has inspired so many women nation-wide, and has created a supportive, positive and encouraging community of strong women that live by the principles every day.

I’m such a loyal fan of Lorna Jane, and try to incorporate the three pillars into my life everyday, and I can tell you now that it’s transformed my determination, my positive outlook and even my sense of self-worth. It’s made a world of difference in my life, as it has in so many others. I know that Lorna Jane will continue to spread their awesome philosophy and change lives for the better!

Check out the Move Nourish Believe blog here: chock-a-block full of delicious, nourishing recipes, workouts, interviews with inspiring women, and much, much more!

If you can’t wait to get your booty into some cute workout gear, browse the online store here.

And you can even download the iPhone app to track your running/cycling/walking workouts! It’s taking the nation by storm, and has encouraged so many women to get out there, live an active life, and reap the incredible benefits. 🙂

The lovely Lorna Jane herself!

The lovely Lorna Jane herself!

What’s your favourite, or even your personal, healthy living philosophy?

Lots of love and positivity,

Kloe x


10 responses to “An Unfortunate Realisation & My Favourite Healthy Living Philosophy Ever.

  1. HAHA you and me both! Don’t worry – they’re not fitter than you they just don’t try at all! I love coming out of cycle beetroot faced and sweaty ;)xxx

    • hahah oh dear, glad to know I’m not alone! and we Definitely just work hard, look at us go 😉 I’d love to try a yoga sculpt class, sounds fantastic!

  2. I love love love Lorna Jane!! I’ve not seen the blog before though so I’m going to go check it out now.

    I am lucky and generally only after I’ve been running do I get crazy sweaty but not sure if that means at other times I’m not working hard enough.

  3. LJ has a fantastic philosophy and that’s why so many people love her and her brand.
    As for coming out of class red cheek, that’s awesome, means you gave it your all. all those other people will never progress cause they aren’t doing the hard yards, keep it up, you’ll see the results you are after, they wont, they’ll just complain and give up, but that’s not you.

  4. Oh man I always sweat like a biatch in spin class!! Don’t worry you’re not the only one – just think of it this way – it mean you’re working harder than everyone else!

    LJ has created a fantastic brand philosophy that’s for sure!!

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