#GoOrange 10 Day Challenge.

I’ve never been a major orange-eater.
I remember during school at recess, all the other kids would open their Power Rangers lunchbox to reveal an orange that they’d dig right into. I’d crunch into my apple instead… or rip open my bag of Cheezels. It’s still orange, right?! It counts.

It’s not that I never exactly liked oranges or had a thing against them, I was just never really brought up eating them. Don’t get me wrong though, I could smash a glass of orange juice like nobody’s business 😉
But even though they’ve never been in my snack repertoire, I know these little orange gems have an abundance of health benefits, and are a rich source of particular nutrients that are sometimes difficult to get elsewhere.

Hence, as soon as I was invited to join in on the #GoOrange 10 Day Challenge, I was keen as a bean and ready to reap the awesome benefits, and maybe discover a new-found love for oranges! It’s a really great and fun initiative to get into and bring attention to these little orange powerhouses. 

Here’s a little run down of what I’m getting myself into (in a good way! That sounded really ominous, haha).
Prepare yourself for an onslaught of  “did-you-know’s,” because let’s be honest, it’s always good to have some new material to whip out at your next party to sound super-smart 😉 Here’s hoping it happens to be a fruit-themed one… 

Go Orange_Immunity Go Orange_Healthy snack on the go

Go Orange_Happy Heart Go Orange_Eye Health

Basically, I’m going to be eating an orange a day for 10 days, to really make the most of this incredible healthy fruit that can often be overlooked in favour of the more showy fruits, like bananas, raspberries and strawberries – stealing the limelight! (ha, see what I did there? It was funny. Laugh.)

I’ll be sharing any recipes I try out, or any other creative ways of eating them, because I see me getting bored of just peeling them everyday… I clearly suffer from the food de-ja-vu. It’s pretty serious 😉

I’m off to pick up my new additions to the family (the oranges, not a puppy.. I wish!) and will get started this week!
Stay tuned for my orange adventures, and anyone else can join in the fun by using the hashtag #GoOrange on social media.

Your favourite way to eat oranges, or a fab recipe that involves them? Looking for some great ideas to get me started here!


Kloe x


3 responses to “#GoOrange 10 Day Challenge.

    • that’s what made your hair orange!
      sorry to break it to you.
      that and crusts.

      oh wait, that’s more for curly headed crazies like me… haha. 😉

  1. I never really eat oranges either, more because they take a bit more prep than other fruit like an apple or a banana but I definitely should make more of an effort to give them a go. No recipes to share sorry

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