Quote-A-Thon: Getting Philosophical & Stroking Thy Metaphorical Beard.

It’s a downright miserable, rainy day here in Sydney today, which I guess is an appropriate- but completely cruel- start to winter. Prepare yourselves and rug up, Sydney-siders, it looks like we’re in for a super-chilly one this year. The only perks I can possibly foresee here is an excuse to wear that giraffe onesie you’ve been hoarding with no judgement. And… hot chocolate.
And that’s all I’ve got. How morbid?!

On a drizzly day like this, I like to get all deep and emotional and “reflect” on the meaning of life. And by that I mean, gather all my cute quotes from the week I’ve stumbled across and had a little moment with. It’s no secret I’m a sucker for an inspirational quote (or two.. or three.. or four..), and I’ve come across some great ones lately that I feel like I can totally relate to. You might find they resonate with you too!

So snuggle up with your mug/dog/lover/teddy bear/electric blanket for these beauties:


If you’re currently feeling all philosophical, are stroking your metaphorical beard (unless you actually have one) or think you’re Buddha, then my work here is done.

Have a peaceful and relaxing rest of your weekend!


Kloe x


One response to “Quote-A-Thon: Getting Philosophical & Stroking Thy Metaphorical Beard.

  1. It has been raining and miserable and cold here in Melbourne too! I just bought a new hot water bottle to help try and ward off some of the freezing-ness of it all!

    Love those quotes they are great 🙂

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