NuZest: Nutrition for Life & A Pancake Kinda Morning.

Recently I had the privilege to try out some incredible products from NuZest, whose philosophy I can say I really connected with.
The geniuses behind NuZest are affectionately named ‘the feel good people,’ and I can definitely see why: their main priority is delivering quality nutrition to people with very different lifestyles, through healthy, natural supplements.

They completely understand that there are so many various needs out there, and they go above and beyond to cater for everyone: those looking to increase their energy and athletic performance, those simply seeking to improve their daily nutrition intake; NuZest take care of it all. All of their awesome products are completely natural, packing a nutritional punch of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins. Their team is well-rounded with naturopaths, nutritionists and fitness trainers to provide quality advice to all their customers.
You can tell these guys genuinely care about their customers and are dedicated to help them live their healthiest, happiest life.



I received little packets of both the Good Green Stuff and the Clean Lean Protein.
The Clean Lean Protein is all natural, low fat, low carb, and the world’s best source of vegetable protein available. Not only that, but it’s completely dairy free, gluten free and GMO free, so this makes it suitable for people with intolerances, and the thing I love about this product is knowing that I’m giving my body a clean, natural source of protein that contains no artificial ingredients, flavours and preservatives. Can’t get much better than that! There is a whopping 24 grams of protein in one little sachet.

The Good Green Stuff is an impressive blend of nutrients, including veggies, greens, fruits and berries, and contains all your daily needs of these things in a neat, compact little packet. This super-powder is also jam-packed with antioxidants, digestive enzymes, herbs, vitamins and minerals.

Both are absolutely fabulous to just chuck in your bag on the way to the gym or work, and can simply be added to water or your choice of milk (skim, almond, soy, etc), then shake it good (shake it real good) and sip/gulp away!
I had one after a cycle class, and chose to mix it with milk. I loved it, it tasted just like a vanilla milkshake! No weird veggie flavour, I promise guys. You don’t even know you’re getting a hefty dose of the good stuff 😉 Plus, you know while you’re enjoying it, you’re helping to replenish and repair those muscles you just worked mega hard. Bonus.
I even got my Mum in on the action, and she adored it, and was dancing around excitedly when I brought her more packets of the vanilla Clean Lean Protein.

I was such a fan of the creamy vanilla taste, and the amazing nutritional benefits, that I decided to whip up some protein pancakes with one of the sachets. And can I just say, HOLY YUM! The Clean Lean Protein gave my ‘cakes a really nice vanilla flavour, without being overpowering.
They turned out so well, and I totally credit it to my new-found favourite protein supplement.
I just combined half a sachet with a mashed banana, an egg and a handful of oats, mixed it all up, and cooked with some coconut oil.
There are no words. That heavenly combination of vanilla form the protein powder, the coconut, the sweetness of the banana was to die for!
I was all indecisive and couldn’t decide on one topping, so I went for one with Strawberry Chobani and the other with almond, brazil nut and cashew nut butter. 


Check out these beauties, sittin’ there all fluffy and perfect and warm. Hey, might wanna just wipe that drool off your computer. It’s okay, it can be out little secret 😉

Overall, I thought that NuZest was a fantastic product, and I’d recommend it to anyone! I enjoyed playing around with it and finding different ways to incorporate it into my day, knowing that it was just so dang nutritious. 

If I’ve convinced you (I hope so!), you’re more than welcome to purchase your own products from their website, which you can find here.

Order, enjoy, feel healthy & energetic, and spread the NuZest love!

What’s your favourite brand of protein powder or supplement?
Most creative way you’ve ever used a protein supplement in the kitchen? Don’t be shy, show off and own it! …and also to give me some new, awesome tips. 😉

Kloe x



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