A Weird But Wonderful Workout, Love-Hate Relationship & Good Instructors Make All The Difference.

Hey dere lovely people,

How are we all? Things are still a little cray cray around here, hence my disappearing off the face of the earth and only reemerging to show you the onslaught of photos the other day… only to ride off into the horizon again.
I know, I know, I’m feeling like I’ve been a bit of a bad (and clearly romantic with the horizon thing?!) blogger lately, especially when I have so much I want to post about! 😦
*throws a tantrum… responsible adult style. It’s a thing. I make it a thing.*

Blogging is such a creative outlet for me, and it’s something I genuinely love doing. It’s such a much-needed breath of fresh air when I’m in the midst of juggling uni, work, my internship… all of which I love, but can definitely get out of hand. Quick. Like this week.
But I want to make an effort to keep up the blogging, because you guys are kinda alright too.. I guess.. 😉




Suddenly, Kloe started mysteriously blogging everyday…

First up, I want to tell you guys about an awesome basic training session I did on Saturday with my mum. It was the craziest, weirdest workout I’ve done, but boy, did it do the trick!
I’m still feelin’ it in the ol’ glutes, hips, hamstrings and calves, and that says something.
…Apart from “Kloe, you need to shake up your fitness routine.” of. course. not… haha. 😛

The instructor is one of the best and most popular at this gym, and she knows her stuff. She always switches it up and never does the same thing, meaning we all leave in a blubbering mess each time. Her work here is done when we all roll out the door with a quivering lower lip, a few tears possibly.
We started out with “yoga,” and I thought that was a really nice way to start the class – usually we run laps of the room and drop to the floor to do push-ups. What a welcome little chance to chill out!

Couldn’t have been more deceiving! It ended up being this intense, hybrid version of yoga where we were doing these crazy worm crawl up things, glute bridges, this hip thrust move that looked like a hip hop routine… and then there were some squat jumps thrown in there, just for good measure.

Next, we did a circuit, which is what we usually do in this class. And it was a killer and all round butt-kicker (literally).
There were 5 stations set up:

  1. Lunges with a high knee and hop
  2. Push ups with mountain climbers in between
  3. Running laps – with weights in hands, may I add!
  4. Burpees
  5. Squat bum touches (as they’re affectionately called… minus the affection/love?!) Essentially, you’re jumping up onto a step block, jumping down with feet on either side, then squatting till butt meets block… repeat. Multiple times. Roll around on floor in pain.

My Mum was rescued by the reception staff calling her to the playzone to get my little brother – as I was left dying a slow, painful death by burpees. Sly Mum, very sly! 😉



I ended up emerging like a super sweaty gremlin from the room, probably gasping for air and evidently scaring the hell out of innocent bystanders waiting for their Body Attack class. I was a spectacle to behold, one you wouldn’t want to have to behold. I’ll say that much.

It was an awesome workout, and it really made me realise just how important it is for a group fitness instructor to keep mixing up your workouts, to get down n’ creative, and always be incredibly enthusiastic – it’s all about giving your class a workout that leaves them walking out the room (if they still physically can) proud of what they’d achieved, knowing they’d given their all, and feeling strong and fit. Plus, you’re kinda responsible to make sure they get a nice booty and chiseled abs after a while… no pressure or anything. 😉

I know from personal experience, that a great instructor makes all the difference. I work so much harder, and push myself beyond my limits when I’ve got a motivating, determined and a little but of a pushy (let’s face it, it works!) fitness instructor.
It’s a love-hate relationship! They’re yelling at you to work harder, go faster, and in that moment you’re a mess and just want to throw the nearest dumbbell or spin bike (if you’re feeling extra buff) at them.
But after the class, when you feel incredible and proud, you just want to buy them flowers and bake them cookies. 🙂

What’s one wacky but awesome workout you’ve done before?
Can you 
remember the best fitness instructor you ever had, and what made them so damn legendary?


Kloe x



4 responses to “A Weird But Wonderful Workout, Love-Hate Relationship & Good Instructors Make All The Difference.

  1. Best fitness instructor I had was the first personal trainer I ever had. She worked me really hard and didn’t take any excuses nor let me cruise at all.

    Just found your blog searching for other Australian Healthy Living Blogs and I love it, just subscribed now 🙂

    • they’re the best kind of personal trainers! I see so many in the gym that seem so disinterested and unenthusiastic, so glad you could find one to kick your butt.. in a good way 🙂

      thanks so much!! I checked yours out and will be following it too, love it!

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