Three Words Challenge for a Chatty Chick.






By now you should all know I’m a woman of many words, and have a bit of a love for talking. Or typing. Anything that allows me to ramble on about pretty much everything and anything… regardless if I know nothing about it, I’ll make a pretty decent attempt to try and sound all knowledgable and pro. failure rate here is embarrassing, but we won’t mention that.

Instead, I thought I’d set a challenge for this chatty chick – inspired by the lovely Allison who blogs over at Life’s A Bowl.
On Tuesdays and Thursdays, Allison does this awesome thing that requires a hell of a lot of discipline that we are about to see whether I have (feel free to laugh, I am): she does Three Word Tuesday/Thursday.

Here I go! (<— SEE, I’m already rockin’ it! Three words! …except that I then went and added about 20).




iHerb completes me.





Best life decision.




Buy. Eat. Love.




Necessary coffee fix.




Most heavenly combo.




All natural ingredients.




Simple but true.





Something to remember.


Kloe x


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