The Next Big Thing: Notoxbox.

We made it through Monday! And now we just have to survive Wednesday, the second peak of hell.. Okay, I’m sorry, that was a tad dramatic and you really didn’t need that if you’re legitimately having a not-so-fabulous working week. I hear ya.

If it makes you feel any better, I spent 5 straight hours yesterday researching and writing a 2000 word essay, that was due that afternoon… never again. I don’t know why I thought that would be an awesome idea, I mean, I work well under pressure, but c’mon! Too far!

Last week, I got a great box of goodies in the mail from the company Notox Box. It was love at first sight, it really was. It all came wrapped up in a cute little box with a bow and everything… I die! Not only that, but it was full to the brim of fantastic products, most of which I’d never even heard of.

Notox Box is a brilliant, innovative idea – it’s a monthly box that’s packed full of natural, organic and eco-conscious products, all handpicked and researched by the lovely folks working there, so they put in the hard yards for you, and you get your special delivery straight to your doorstep! It doesn’t get much better than that, for sure.


The theme of May is NOURISH, keeping in mind that heading into the cooler months of Winter, we need that extra kick of antioxidants and immune boosters so our bodies are fighting fit and healthy the whole season!


I got some absolute keepers in my box, and could definitely see myself buying more!

I’ve never tried golden berries (aka goose berries), but they were divine – so sweet and tangy, with a great chewy texture. They’d be perfect to put in trail mix, tossed on a salad or cereal, or with natural yoghurt. I loved them! They’re also incredibly rich in nutrients, and are part of that coveted superfood family.
They’re bursting at the seams with vitamin A, antioxidants, anti-inflamatory bioflavonoids. Get on that!

Now, let’s just talk about those Mango crunchies for a minute. Oh, my lord, they are life-changing little snacks… I’ve always been a fan of mangos, but this just offers a new, interesting, delicious way to eat them – they’re freeze dried and have no added preservatives or sugar. Quite literally, the only ingredient was mangoes! I was very impressed with those babies, and will go back for more, guaranteed.

The Stolen Recipe iced tea was quite an acquired taste, as it had a citrus hit with oranges and lemons, but then it was infused with green tea. At first, I was a bit unsure whether I liked it, but after a few more sips it grew on me and I ended up really enjoying it! It was an interesting and refreshing mix of flavours, and if you’re a green tea fan, this is for you. Thank me later. It’s also a great alternative to Lipton’s iced tea, which I know has a pretty strong following. Give this a go instead, it’s delicious, but also has additional health benefits that other iced teas just don’t offer.

I can’t wait to try buckwheat! It’s funny, just a few days before receiving my package, I had this weird urge to give buckwheat a go. I’d heard so much about it being incredibly versatile, yummy and nutritious, and I really wanted to get experimenting! Apparently, this was fate, and I got my hands on some. So, I’m a little bit excited to try it in salads, baked goods, even pancakes. Gotta get ma cook on! 😉

The face wipes also get a mention, because they felt ahhmazing on my skin, and it was really encouraging to know that they contained purely natural ingredients, with no added chemicals. Yes, please!



I was over the moon with my gorgeous little box, and it felt like Christmas in… May? Well, hopefully I’ll be ordering them monthly, and can totally get a Christmas in July happening. Hell, why not every month of the year?!

And if you weren’t already leaping towards those wallets of yours and placing in your order for next month, notoxbox also offers gift boxes that are perfect for any special occasions: birthdays, Mother’s Day, a bit of an “I just freakin’ love you” pressie… the possibilities are endless, and your loved one will adore all the awesome products.

You can also visit their shop on the website, providing a place where you can purchase any of the sample goodies you fell in love with, or just everything in the shop in one go kinda situation… which will be me. Next pay day. And the next.

Thank-you so much, the amazing lovelies at notoxbox, for giving me the opportunity to try out some products that I’m definitely adding to my shopping list!
You do amazing work and this is all such a genius idea, keep it up. 🙂

Do you subscribe to any monthly product deliveries like this one?
What’s your favourite health/organic product? Just so I can put myself more in debt, hehe.

Enjoy your day,


Kloe x


5 responses to “The Next Big Thing: Notoxbox.

    • Absolutely adore both of those!
      I’ve recently got into coconut oil, and I wouldn’t ever go back now, it’s too incredible AND healthy 😀

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