Week in Piccies, Wonderwomen & First Day of Internship.

Instead of being a boring (and a tad self-involved)  blogger and writing you all essentially an autobiographical novel, I thought I’d do a little bit of a weekly recap mainly based around pictures!
Cue the collective “yay” and ensuing fist pumps.

And if anyone dares to tell me we have Instagram for this kinda thing, we are no longer friends… and no more awesome, irresistible recipes for you.
Think about it long and hard, could you really have carried on in life without the giant peanut butter cups recipe? Really?
Exactly. So let’s just roll with it, if you know what’s good for you. 😉


The awesome Harvest Box sent me this box of deliciousness. They’re an up-and-coming company have come up with a genius solution to combat our insatiable snackity tendencies: these healthy snack boxes, delivered right to your office or home, on your choice of day.
To order yours today and get snacking, check out Harvest Box.


Yep, I finally caved and bought these babies that are constantly raved about everywhere. So far, I want to roll in the coconut oil (so smooth and freakin’ yummy), I want to chuck the apple cider vinegar from a great height (my apartment window would be perfect. The temptation is killing me.), and I’m staring at the tahini blankly. Have I missed something? I’d definitely appreciate those tahini-lovin’ kids out there to give me some creative (or very standard!) ways to use this – I hear such great things about it and I want to jump on that bandwagon!


Why did no one ever tell me that frozen berries in the microwave is a good time? Enough said.


Up at the crack of dawn/some ungodly hour to start the day with Body Pump. Almost walking into multiple trees/street signs/cars whilst still half asleep was definitely worth it, felt the burn later that day and let’s not even mention my state waking up this morning. Yep.

(Note: these are my warm up weights, I swear! I’m a heavy-liftin’ beast #girlswholift #eatcleantrainmean 😉 hahah I’m kidding, but this was a sneaky snap before the warm up started!)


Brb, just drowning in nut butter heaven. I’m surprised I didn’t get kicked out of the store for casually havin’ a drool and scaring fellow customers, haha.


And no, I didn’t accidently slip and conveniently include this beauty (don’t deny it, you know it is).
Just wanted to prove that we are, indeed, the sexiest Powercouple out that never embarrass ourselves in public. Ever. Clearly.
Don’t act like you’re not impressed. 😉


Hope you’ve all had a fabulous week, I for one have never been so keen for a weekend in my life!
And yes, I probably do say that every time, but in all honestly, it’s been a crazy, hectic week over here.

I’ve had an assignment to get together, which I secretly actually got really nerdy and enjoyed, because I wrote a feature story about the rise of busy women juggling their careers, families etc with gruelling training for endurance events (like a marathon).
Yep, I can just see all you amazing runner women nodding in fervent agreement, saying “amen” to getting up every morning before the sun even does (pfft, lazy sun) and punching out a fantastic run.

Not only that, but you’re juggling your careers and family lives: still remaining a devoted mum, wife, girlfriend, sister, daughter…
It’s women like you that push the boundaries, prove just how strong and determined us women can be (hear us roar?), and are consistently going above and beyond what you thought you could ever achieve.
I have so much respect for you guys, and you’re an inspiration.
You deserve all your unbelievable PR’s you work so hard towards! It’s a culmination of all your hard work leading up to race day.




I also started my internship at Urban Society, which was an awesome, invaluable experience. I can’t wait to learn more and really get started! I’m so grateful for such an incredible opportunity.
For all those Sydney-siders out there, Urban Society is your perfect go-to site to find out everything that’s going on throughout the city.
You can count on us to tell you all the greatest things to do and see, so you never miss the party again.
No matter where your interest lies, whether it’s the newest, quirkiest restaurant, the next big gruelling endurance event or you’re a partygirl/partyboy who can’t get enough of the nightlife, Urban Society brings you the best of the best.
We’ve done the hard yards for you, all you have to do is read, attend, have time of your life, repeat.

Are you one of those fabulous women currently training for an event? I’d love to hear about it!
Have you ever had an internship? What did you think of it, was it a great experience?
And, of course, favourite nut butter flavour? 😛

Kloe x


9 responses to “Week in Piccies, Wonderwomen & First Day of Internship.

  1. Ready for a twin moment? I also got a harvest box and have a review coming up on my blog today! And for the tahini, mix with a bit of honey, olive oil, cinnamon, lemon juice and cumin and use as a salad dressing or spread it on carrots/cauliflower and roast. I LOVE it!

  2. Wow you early morning runners, you are certainly are to be admired out there slogging, while the rest of us are still living in dreamland, go girls, love the determination. Xxx

  3. I had an internship at a pharmaceutical company (PR) – and it was great, i thought it was fantastic at the time. Looking back though I had so much to learn!!

    • Oh wow that would have been brilliant! I mean, any experience and internship is fabulous to have in your pocket and on your resume 🙂
      I can already tell I’ve got a whole bunch of things to learn!

  4. Yeah yeah! Body Pump is great girl, but you also need to be doing some free weights- work it 😉 Seriously, ever since starting free weights I’ve stopped BP because it was causing my more injury then help with all the reps, it was hard to go heavy without hurting myself (putting weights on my back is hard when u go heavy!) and all the reps almost made it another form of cardio. Sorrrrry if I sound like a bossy bitch but just wanted to try and convert ya 😉 hehehe!

    • oh my gosh, this explains why I keep getting injured! at the moment it’s my knee 😦 a trainer I was talking to actually told me I need to strengthen my leg muscles so I’m not always injuring myself running/body attacking; and suggested two leg days in the gym a week on top of what I’m doing.
      no no Defijitely not a bossy bitch, if I stop hurting myself by adding free weights and lifting heavier, I’ll be so so grateful for your amazing advice! 🙂

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