Body Love: International No Diet Day.

Yesterday the world banded together to celebrate something utterly awesome: the rejection of the dieting mentality, and instead, praised body love and acceptance.

Yep, it was International No Diet Day, and I’ll be honest that I was completely unaware it was even happening until something popped up on my Facebook news feed. An instant, probably slightly creepy (because I was by myself) smile spread across my face, and I thought, “finally. It’s about bloody time we promoted healthy, sustainable living, instead of exerting pressure to participate in every single diet that comes out in the media!”


I’m honestly so happy that this day came about back in 1992, the year before I was born, funnily enough! (had to throw in a bit of useless, random trivia for you there)
I don’t know who Mary Evans is, but she’s one super chick, and I’m officially her biggest fan! … I should probably find out more about her before making such a claim, but anyone who decides to stand up against the destructive diet industry that is constantly fuelling our feelings of inadequacy, is a fabulous hero in my eyes.
Err’body, a toast to Ms Evans! And of course, with the most decadent, delicious margarita possible, because diets ARE CRAPPY. And depressing. While you’re at it, maybe order a side of yummy hot chips at the bar too. 😉

International Diet Day challenges this idea that there is “one perfect body type” that can be achieved through a gruelling exercise and diet routine, as well as this notion that finally accomplishing this body shape will magically make you a more happy and loveable person.
I’m sorry, but for pure lack of a better, more expressive phrase, this is complete bullshiz, and is making women everywhere feel horrible about themselves, and as though they have no valuable self-worth unless they can drop those pesky kilos they’re convinced are some kind of sin.
Your value as a human being is not dependent on some arbitrary number on a scale, and it doesn’t have the capacity in any way to measure your amazing abilities and qualities. Does that number tell you that you’re a caring, loyal friend? A dedicated, selfless mother? A supportive sister? A fabulous wife or girlfriend?
Nope, so don’t even let it become a big part of your life, or determine your mood for the day, or worse, how you feel about yourself.



International Diet Day is all about living a healthy, balanced lifestyle, free from the chains of worrying about what you eat, how much, when, etc. All those pesky thoughts that can often plague us women, and it’s all about enjoying every moment, and living your best life. Follow your own rules and what your own body needs and wants, and toss out any unsustainable, unhealthy “rules”… who needs ’em!
And plus, chocolate is far superior to broccoli any day. Am I right, ladies? 😉

By all of us showing that we absolutely love the fact that we’re all unique, and there are a vast range of body shapes out there (NONE of them “perfect” may I add!), the dieting industry loses its power and its chokehold on society. This is exactly what we want, a whole lotta happiness, body love and the freedom to eat and do whatever the hell makes us smile and love life!
And ain’t nobody gonna tell us otherwise, it’s our life and we know ourselves better than any industry – which doesn’t have our best interests in mind anyway, and is really slyly (or not so sneakily?!) after money, ultimately.

Girls, ladies, women… I know I sound like a bit of a self-righteous preacher here, but quite honestly, being happy and confident in our own skin, and accepting that we are all different/there is no set “perfection”, will lead to us being so much more happy and liberated!
And really, I think we could all use a bit of that in our lives. 🙂

What do you think of the idea of International No Diet Day?
What’s your idea of living your best, healthiest life for you?

Have a fabulous, happy, free rest of your week. 🙂

Kloe x


4 responses to “Body Love: International No Diet Day.

  1. Great piece, it’s such a pity that the mags are full of celebs, diets and then outrages recipes…..I am all for feeling good in the skin we live in, I look for the inner beauty in those closest to me and pray we all see our own self worth. Xx

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