Body Love: Rhiannon’s Beautiful Words.

Hey guys,

I want to go all inspirational and positive and mushy on you all (brace yourselves!), and I’ve decided to do a mini-series about an issue that I’m really passionate about and is close to my heart- and that’s positive body image and loving your wonderful bodies.

It’s really no secret that in recent decades, there has seemingly been significant pressure put on all of us – especially women – to look a certain way. Although this image of the “ultimate ideal body” is not being forced upon women and girls, I think that there are subtle messages being conveyed through the media, such as fashion magazines and the choice of models, and even fitness magazines praising “fitspo”, toting these unrealistically lean, toned bodies.
I feel as though we’re not outwardly being told we must look a certain way to feel valuable, but I do completely understand why women may be feeling disheartened and inadequate, when their bodies don’t resemble this image I’m referring to – which let’s be honest, only a very small percentage of the population have, but yet we tend to believe that it’s what the Perfect Woman looks like.
As a result, more and more of us are feeling like we don’t measure up, and are measuring a larger amount of our self-worth based on the appearance of our bodies, when the beauty of a person lies in their incredible and unique abilities, personalities and talents!

Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing role model and influence, love this chicka!

Jennifer Lawrence is an amazing role model and influence, love this chicka!

One of my biggest wishes is that all women and girls could absolutely love the skin they’re in fully, appreciate their amazing bodies for working tirelessly to keep them alive, allowing them to do all the things they love in life.
I want women to see that they’re beautiful, in every way, because they are them – in all their unique and special glory!
Health is so much more important than aspiring to an unrealistic weight goal or body shape, and happiness reigns supreme above all.

Living a fulfilling, rich life, complete with health and contentment, is a life well lived, and this is what my hope is for every woman out there; rather than believing that they’re not worthy of love or happiness because they don’t match society’s perfection standards.

So, to kick off the body lovin’ fun, I’ve got an fabulous guest post right here, right now! These beautiful, genuine and raw words were written by the gorgeous Rhiannon, who is one of my biggest inspirations. She’s such a strong, determined girl, and is an absolute fighter at heart! Not only that, but she offers incredible support and advice to others around the clock, out of a genuine desire to help.

Check out her incredible blog documenting her recovery journey here!

Take it away, Rhiannon! 🙂


The lovely Rhiannon herself!

The lovely Rhiannon herself!

As girls, most of us find it very difficult to accept our bodies in all their natural glory. It seems that no matter what, we always seem to find flaws with the way we look, and take every opportunity to put ourselves down.

Well, this needs to change. We need to accept our bodies – flaws and all – because it’s the only one we will ever have! There is no such thing as a “perfect” body. Everyone is different, with different body shapes and curves in all sorts of places. But this is what makes us beautiful. It’s those imperfections that define who we are. They distinguish us from everyone else. Imagine how boring life would be, if everybody you passed on the street looked exactly the same. If we were all 6 feet tall, stick thin, with a perfectly proportioned body shape.

Over the past year, I have learnt that having what society and the media deems to be a perfect body, is wildly overrated and absolutely not something to strive for. I know this, because in an intense drive to be perfect, I developed a two year long eating disorder. I became extremely underweight, was almost admitted to hospital, and now have to live with the mental repercussions of that initial need to be “perfect”. It took developing a mental illness, for me to finally accept myself and the way I look. To accept the womanly curves I have, the body shape I was born with, and the “flaws” that make me who I am.

Do not spend any longer putting yourself down. As long as you are healthy, happy and confident in your own skin, that’s all that matters. We focus far too much on the negatives in life, when really, we should be celebrating the things that make us who we are. Everybody is different. We are all special and beautiful in our own ways. You were put on this earth to live an amazing life, not to spend it striving to look like somebody else.

So wake up tomorrow morning, look in the mirror and say out loud five things you like about your body. Repeat them each morning until you no longer look down on the natural and beautiful “flaws” we all have. We all deserve to feel good about ourselves. We deserve to appreciate those flaws that make us who we are.

You all deserve to live an amazing life, surrounded by people who make you feel good about yourself. Don’t waste one more minute of your life wishing you were someone else. It’s YOU who is going to change the world, whether you’re a size 8 or a size 18. Your body is not going to stop you from making a difference in this world, and exploring all that it has to offer.

So go out there with your head held high, and rock those beautiful bodies!


Love & light to all the women out there, and hey, the guys too!

Kloe x

I'll leave you with this gem! Too cute not to share :)

I’ll leave you with this gem! Too cute not to share 🙂


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